Monday, December 23, 2013

Hits and Misses of 2013

Hey, I told you I like lists! And everyone was doing I wanna do lists. That's okay. Right??

Anyway, my favorite number is 7. So I will list my 7 most worn garments of 2013 and 7 duds or "FAILS". There are couple of things in my most worn that aren't necessarily in my top faves...but I get good mileage from them which is important. My duds are duds for whatever reason; poor fit, poor fabric choice or just plain 'meh'.
I started sewing in January (1 year sewing anniversary post to come next month!) so I don't have anything to compare to for number of garments sewn or fabric in/out. I bought a helluva lot of fabric and over 250 patterns. I bought a gazillion skillion notions. I now own 24 yards of fusible interfacing (doh!).

In 2013 I sewed 94 things. Oh My Gosh!!!!

I sewed
  • 16 kid things
  • 10 non garments (including my son's blanket to be blogged on 12/26!)
  • 3 garments for my daughter (including her Christmas gift to be blogged on 12/26!)
  • 65 garments for me
Of those 65 garments, I sewed:
  • 36 tops
  • 7 dresses
  • 6 skirts
  • 7 pants
  • 1 shorts
  • 5 jackets/cardigans
  • 1 other (jumpsuit)
Some of those items became pajamas. Some of them got tossed due to poor fabric choice (I'm looking at you fitted top made of 65 poly/35 cotton -aka- sweatbox). Some got tossed because I didn't know I needed an FBA and "just" made smaller seam allowances at the bust at which the fabric began to unceremoniously unravel (I loved that purple top too! NL 6104).

Some are still awaiting finishing (oops). Some are destined to be UFO's forever...

My top 7 self-made garments of 2013:




Both NL 6108 

Both M6844

NL 6230

KS 3115

Yes, my KS yoga pants already get a top mention!! They are awesome!

Honorable mention my S2054 dress/tunic. Love that dang thing!

My 2013 "fails"

NL 6025 - it's just too wide at the neck. I tried everything and short of removing the neckband and taking some pleats...I don't know about it. Though I liked it how I styled it below...I'm not sure if I want to work at it anymore...

M6604 - It just never got out the gate. It is 100% cotton though, maybe I'll revisit it in the summer.

M6752 - biggest disappointment. This pattern has been made SO many times and looks SO good on virtually everyone BUT me!

S1806 - the crazy top. They tell you to use something like a voile but really this would work better in a floaty fabric or maybe a thin ITY-esque knit.

S1783 - I shall not belabor the point on the poor brown skirt (Mom, I don't like that! Ugh! She has no filter)

B4132 - I should love this top but the fit just wasn't right. Perhaps it was my inexperience with slippery fabric?? It was completely bias cut and the cowl lies beautifully. Maybe not a "fail" at all...

M6084 - BLAH. MEH. GAH!!!! This "one hour pattern" was a wasted Saturday morning. Ugh!

"Honorable" mention to my M6083 jumpsuit. While I don't like it enough to wear it, I think I only need to make minor tweaks if I *did* decide to make one again. The fit was nice, the

There's a little more sewing going on before year end...Ooh, I should aim for 100 things sewn! :-) Err...cowls, pajamas, etc count!

Have a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays to those that celebrate other things and Happy Extra Day(s) Off Work to those who don't celebrate any of 'em! :-)

January 1 I'll post my "sewlutions" for 2014. Yippee!!


  1. Oh wow, you've only been sewing for a year? I am beyond impressed. Fantastic work. I like B4132. I think it looks cute on you.

    1. Thank you! :-)

      I tried to love it but it's fiddly on. You know those garments where you keep tugging and pulling and twisting and...bleh.

  2. 65 garments for you? WTH? I've been sewing for nine years and I might have a total of 65 wearable items. I want to do a count! All this after one year of sewing, too? That's impressive. Do you sleep? =)

    1. Hey! They aren't all wearable! LOL!!!!!

      I do sleep. I'm a baby whose bed time is like 9:27. At 9:28 it's all over and I'm no longer coherent! LOL!!

  3. Whoa! You've only been sewing for (not even) a year!?!?! I can't believe it! You've made so many fantastic things! Good on you!

  4. Mrs. Smith you had a fantastic sewing year. Looking forward to seeing all you have planned for the new year.

    1. Thanks Faye! I'm pretty excited too!

  5. Astonishing output - and beautiful to boot!

  6. If your jumpsuit weren't on here I was going to riot!

    You are awesome! To go from "I bought a sewing machine" to "I can fancy up an item in no time flat" in a year is no small feat.

    1. OUTRAGE! lol!!!!!!!

      Thank you!

      I was so ecstatic that day! :)

  7. I'm with L! What a lot you have sewn - and lots of wearable things in there - amazing. I'm still not up to that speed (mind you, you can't fault a lot of my technique :)). Looking forward to seeing what you zip up next year. By the way, if you are still wanting to take part in the Make a Garment a Month Challenge, we have our own blog starting in 2014. Please send me an email - so I can add you.

    1. Oh Sarah Liz, you are AMAZING with your process of fitting and perfecting details. Goodness gracious! One day, I won't be saying to, we'll just fuse that in place...hahaha!!!

      Will email you shortly!

  8. 65 garments !!! holy moly... Clearly, I should be spending less time on the internet and sewing more! Well, you deserve a break now - so, Happy Holidays to you!
    :-) Chris

  9. You started off your first year full great sewing.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. Mrs.Smith,
    I am so impressed ,that you have made all these lovely things, and have only been sewing a year.. Such a wonderful job sewing.. Did you take a lot of sewing classes.
    I love list too.. and really enjoyed yours.. Happy sewing, And I look forward to seeing what you make next.

    1. Merry Christmas Judy!!

      I have taken no classes. I want to take classes! I have found that the Sewing Lounge here in MN has a nice selection of classes and I'm ready to get some technical skills honed.

      Thanks much!!

    2. I know you will love sewing classes , but , as well as you sew and as smart as you are, I don't know that you need them.ha
      I wish I could find some sewing classes in my area.. But,there is none..yuck..
      My joann Fabric offers some classes, but they are for children's clothes.. I keep hoping for some more classes to come up.. I live in Ms, and there is not many sewers around..[sad]

  11. Wow what an inspiration So many wearable clothes I particularly like your cowl neck tops.

  12. Wow, well done, what a fantastic year of sewing it has been! I like a lot of the so-called fails as well as the successes. You should have seen some of the duds I made when I first started sewing! Here's to another fantastic year!

  13. This was such a fun post! Wow, you've been working hard this year!! So many amazing projects :-)

    Happy New Year!


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