Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No, You May Not Borrow My Husband! Finished Item: M4244 and Some Knitting!

I'll try not to make this too long.

I bought some pretty yarn from Knit Picks during the Black Friday sale and when it came in a hank, I had a mini freak out. You see, I have a ball winder but no swift and the last hank of yarn I got, I tried to wind it alone and it has been a tangled mess for 6 months.

But my husband said, no problem! Within the hour, the yarn was wound along with nearly all the rest of my sock yarn! YAY!!!!!

I now see the benefit of winding center pull skeins and oh yes, any skein of yarn that comes in this house will become a center pull ball!

I also finished my test knit and I don't love it. I am going to keep looking at it and try to love it. Otherwise, there'll be a giveaway here!

I LOVE the "metal" buttons though. I kept the card; I have to get more of those. I can see them on some cool jacket/blazer.

This was my first impression:

This is the photo I posted on the test page:

(totally not convinced)

I have finished a project! :-O

Papa's pajamas are done! Okay, I need a drawstring (the store-bought twill tape was like a half a step above ribbon), but the sewing is done!

McCall's 4244 is a men's pajama/robe pattern. 

REALLY big pockets!

Top stitching

Serged and turned up 1 1/4" and sewed a 1" hem. I left it simple in case my mom needs to shorten or lengthen them for him.

Buttonholes for the drawstring to feed through.

((I think I want to add a second row of stitching at the waistband. A small detail but...))

My Review:

Pattern Description: 

Belted robe has shawl collar, front pockets and raglan sleeves; top has long or short sleeves, front button closure, pocket on left side and side slits; pull-on pants or shorts have side seam pockets, casing and drawstring waist.

Pattern Sizing:

S-XXL, I made a Medium

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?

The instructions stink.

Ok, the instructions are really basic. I get that PJ's are fairly easy and are often chosen by beginners. BUT I think there are easy techniques that could've been included that would make a better finished product-- like under stitching the pockets. There's no reason not to instruct the sewer to under stitch and it makes a HUGE difference in having pockets that won't flop out. 

Also, they had you leave an opening for the drawstring to go through at the center front seam rather than make buttonholes. Okay, even if you weren't going to put buttonholes because it might "scare" a beginner, you could at least instruct the sewer to interface the front area. Bleh.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I like the fit (I tried them on). I was worried the legs would be too wide but they aren't.

I *love* the huge side seam pockets.

Fabric Used:

100% cotton chambray from Fabric Mart.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I added 3" to the length. My dad is only 5'11 but has really long legs. I also didn't turn over the hem, I just serged and stitched. My mom sews (but not many garments) so I figured if she needs to let down or take up the hem it'll be easier this way. My parents live hundreds of miles away so :)

The drawstring is made from the fabric but I wanted to use twill tape. However the packaged stuff I have on hand stinks. I'll have to pick some up or make the tie from the fabric.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I might make some for DH! He needs new PJs and needing like a 36" inseam means store-bought are always too short.

Recommended especially if you know what to do to get a better project. Though a rank beginner can get a decent pair of pj's from this pattern.


Hopefully my dad likes them and can fit them! I will get pics updated after Christmas if so!


  1. Really nice... Love the big side pockets.. Happy sewing .
    ps.. such a sweet hubby to fix the yarn for you..

  2. Your husband is awesome! I love it that he is so supportive and helpful in your crafting. I also love your "skeptical" cowl picture, LOL!

  3. He is a good husband! :)

    I was making so many faces! hahahaha!!!!

    Thanks ladies!

  4. Pretty cowl!

    Also, this is the same pattern I'm using for the robe for my dad! The one that I messed up on cutting out, and asked for help with sourcing more fabric from JoAnn on PR! :P Your PJ pants for your dad look great, even if the instructions weren't so stellar.

    Guess M4244 is just a dad kinda PJ pattern. ;)

    1. Thanks!!

      Ohhhh! haha! That's right - the bacon fabric!!!!! :-D

      This must be a dad kinda pattern! :)

  5. ooh pretty yarn ! I've got a KnitPicks Black Friday order on the way, still in transit though. Can't wait for it to get here :) Can't quite picture how to use the winder without a swift - at the moment I have neither - your hubby gets bonus points yes ?

    1. He gets like a whole bunch of bonus points!

      After explaining to him how a swift looks and works he decided I could just hold the yarn around my arms, with light tension on it with my hands "folded in" so to speak. Then then operated the winder. The yarn (kp stroll tonal in "goldrush") is wound a bit loose but it's WOUND! :)

      The others were wound from center pull skeins. But this way I think I'll avoid the tangles and knots that were present in all except the Patons Kroy.

      I should bake him some cookies so he can wind my 19 combined skeins of Wool of the Andes!

  6. I filled my Fabric Mart cart with nearly $200 worth of stuff I don't need. Then I thought, "what would MrsSmith do?" She'd buy the hell out of this cart and not look back. By the time I got home, most of the stuff I wanted was gone. I don't know how that happened since the cart is supposed to be saved for 24 hours. Meh. I took it as a sign. =)

    Nice scarf, btw. =)


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