Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finished Items McCall's 5720 and WINNER!

I have finished 3 more gifts but can only show 2 of them today. I'll show the others after they're received by the recipients :)

Both of these aprons are made from McCall's 5720

When I saw Lisa's version HERE, I had to have one! 

From Lisa's site

Well, my mom had to have one :) I couldn't wrap my head around connecting the bodice to the tiered skirt and in the end I totally fudged it all and it came out okay. Not perfect but okay. I lined the bodice but the skirt was pretty heavy with the 3 tiers so I didn't need to line it.

I absolutely LOVE the wide ties. There is a pleat in the tie at the waistband an it is super cute.

My mom has  tendency not to use the things I make because they're "too pretty. Hopefully she uses this! It took me forever to make this darn apron.

From the same pattern, I decided to make a simple apron for my coworker who is really sweet and takes good care of me at work. She buys me Emergen-C by the box(!!), she made an arrangement to go outside on our porch, she brings me farm-fresh eggs (she picks them the morning she brings them!) I wanted to do something nice for her.

Fully lined to make it more awesome. If I had thought ahead, I would have gotten the creamy off-white color but I had 5 yards of white broadcloth on hand so it's white. :) The pockets are lined with red broadcloth.


Also, I posted a comment on the PR "12 days of thanks" post and I WON!! Woot!!



  1. I do love me an apron. Congrats on your win!

  2. What beautiful aprons, Love both of them, but the simple one, is my favorite...
    Congrats on winning... Have fun sewing.

    1. Mine too Judy!

      I bought 3 fabrics to make a tiered one for myself but fell for the simplicity of the other one. So I will make 2! Maybe I'll gift one...maybe I won't.

  3. You have been busy with aprons! They are lovely!


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