Monday, December 9, 2013

Sloooooow going...

Not much progress made this weekend on my gift sewing.

  • Mom's apron is now only in need of bias tape on the skirt flounces (oy!).
  • Papa's pajamas are in need of hemming and a drawstring.
  • Other projects need to get started like, yesterday.
  • Today my son has a basketball game.
  • Tonight is knit night and I really want to go (I missed the last 3).
  • Tomorrow my daughter has a band concert.
  • Thursday I have an orthodontist appointment (which usually means some suffering afterwards).
  • Thursday is school conferences after work.
  • Someone in my house needs to go grocery shopping.
Yesterday, we were out and about and as I started putting on my coat and boots while leaving my brother's house, I realized I was wearing:

  1. A hat that I crocheted
  2. A scarf that I'd sewn
  3. A shirt that I made
  4. Socks that I knitted

And I got all super warm and fuzzy inside!

Well...warm-ish...Because of this:


  1. I love that you were wearing all those "made by me" things.. Don't you just love it?
    Cold, cold.. eeeh.. I feel chilled just looking at that -26 wind chill.. Stay warm, and
    hope you get a good sewing day soon.

  2. Isn't it fun when you realize most of the things on your body were made by you? I love that feeling too!

  3. It was awesome you guys!!! :)

    Oh gosh Judy it has been completely ridiculous around here!

    1. Yeah.. I have been hearing the weather stories.. One of my BEST blogging friends , lives in Mn.. and she keeps me posted.. I live in Ms. and we too are having lots of cold weather.. so unusal. If we get real cold/snow,or ice it is usually in Jan or Feb.. Not Nov and Dec.. eeeeh..


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