Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I did it!! BurdaStyle 02/2014 #135A

Soooo, I posted here that try as I might, the idea of tracing off a Burda Style Magazine pattern just wasn't working with my brain. I have opened the "roadmap" of patterns, looked at it, thought "how in the hell??" and folded it up and put it away.

But I got lots of good feedback and suggestions and decided I'd dive right in with a simple pattern (well...something with no more than 2 or 3 pattern pieces) to get me going.

I have to say, I was most inspired by Kathy. I decided, okay, that sounds most like what I'd do so I'm going to go with that!

So since I was inspired by Kathy (and not inspired to make a skirt - it was -25F here on Monday!), I decided I'd make the "crazy" draped top from the February issue.

Yes, I thought to myself...that is a crazy and impractical shirt. And then I saw Kathy's and that's pretty dang cute! And Kathy is way more pear than I am but I decided it would look pretty dang good on me too!

Then I found out that Chris at Handmade by Chris had made it and hers was pretty dang cute too!!

I woke up on Saturday and it was bright and sunny (and cold!). I spent more time locating my pieces than I should've because I don't follow directions.

"OH!", I  exclaimed, "that red 21 tells me where the pattern piece is!"

Uh. Yeah.

Now, I have a little secret that perhaps other Burda Style mag tracers already knew...THE TRACING PART ISN'T THAT BAD! Seriously! It's like the other lines just kind of disappear and "yours" is the only one you focus on!

I buy my tracing paper from Blick Art Supply in Minneapolis (HERE). I get a 24" wide, 50 yard roll for under $10. It's $15 and I have almost always had a 40% off coupon when I go. My latest coupon expires next week so I need to hurry and restock! I use my very nice mechanical pencil that got me through my last two years at the U of M and the plethora of science, engineering and math classes. I like pencils!

When I located my pattern pieces I drew intersecting lines _| at places where the pattern "turned". This helped me stay on track. At one point, navigating a curve, I had moved from the size 42 (second largest) to a size 38 (second smallest). When I didn't reach my intersecting lines I realized I'd messed up. No worries!  Just erase and get back on track!

It took less than 10 minutes to trace the pieces.

Now. What did I do next? I set them aside and when I came back I knew there was *something* but couldn't place it. And I cut the pattern pieces out. With no seam allowances! Oooops.

I decided, No Worries! It's a knit and needs minimal sa. I'll just cut them when I am cutting the fabric. I cut approximately (:snicker:) 3/8" sa and hit the serger.

Oops. Doesn't work if you sew the wrong parts together.

Luckily I hadn't cut the sleeves so that was a minimal piece of the white knit ruined. Ok. slooooow down. Kathy has graciously put an excellent little pictorial on how to do the drape. I got out this odd green knit that I'd gotten in a FM bundle but didn't love. I recut my pieces and sewed them CORRECTLY.

The verdict? love. So much so that you can't get good daylight pics...just basement pics. Because I love it!

I cut a size 42 and it fits well through the body. The neckline is too large but I am not surprised. It's wide and drapey on the model AND I have a really narrow neck/shoulder compared to the rest of my upper body. I would (if I wanted to bother) cut a 40 neckline and 42 in the rest. The sleeves have a good amount of room and aren't constricting. The top flows over the body really nicely.

It is short though. I have a tiny, tiny hem. Like I turned it up 3/8" and stitched 1/4"

The neckband was supposed to be 29 7/8". In my head I had 29 3/8" and I didn't need to stretch it really at all. So I think that it is drafted a little too long and you might want to measure and draft your own.

But I serged it in place and did a little edgestitching to secure the serger stitches.

(the hem photo shows the color more truly)

It's so weird but CUTE!

Luckily I have a short torso so there is no belly action

Even Lily looks good in it:

Sleeves were turned up 3/4" and stitched with a 5/8" hem

I think I'm ready to tackle another magazine pattern!!!!  :-D

This is what he does when he visits me in the sewing room...he serges! LOL! I know it isn't the sewing, it's the power of the serger. I am repeatedly telling him to "slow down" and it's like he's 4 all over again! :-)

But this time he used the sm too


  1. My almost 9 year old daughter also loves to overlock. She is banned from the sewing machine for a little while as she forgets to lower the pressure foot and sews anyway.

    I like your top very much, and the colour is really good on you.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh! I love your version! The length is so much better on you then me. I didn't add length (although I have sent out into the world to another seamstress an idea on how to lengthen.. and I've not yet tried my theory, yet.) I'm 5'8" and I can only wear this shirt with a high waisted skirt (I do not do high waisted pants... I'm wayyy to pear shaped for that business.) And how adorable is your baby at the serger?!

    1. I didn't know you were 5'8"! Makes sense. I was worried and then when I put it on thought...oh, it's not that short. But I have like a 9" torso so...LOL!!!

      Thanks! He is at times going to be the death of me and at other times makes my heart sing. Oh, I just defined 'parenting' didn't I?!?! :)

  3. I recognised this top straight away. I was like you regarding the Burda roadmap, now I find them really easy as I acquired all kinds of tricks to make it easy. Using a highlighter pen to roughly outline before actually marking with my marker. Using the useful numbers at the edge with a ruler to locate the pattern. Pat yourself on the back.

    1. That's a great tip Sassy! I might do that with the highlighter because I visually followed the pattern first...and that would not even be an extra step.

      Thanks much!

  4. Cute top! The colour is lovely on you too.

  5. You did it! Yay! Looks great too!

    1. I'm determined to be a sewing-ninja-warrior. ;-)


  6. Congratulations! You make it look easy!! :-) Your shirt is fabulous, and I am glad you love the finished product.

  7. Don't you just feel like you can go out and conquer the world after sewing a Burda pattern!? It IS so dang cute!

  8. Not only did you trace and sew a Burdastyle pattern, you did one that's scary stylish! Looks great on you. Maybe I'm brave enough to give it a try...

  9. Your top is so cute.Looks great on you.. So proud you faced your fear of tracing your Burda patterns... Now--- you will be sewing away from the magazines..Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks Judy. :) I can't afford another aspect of this addiction. --err hobby ;) I'm on the fence about subscribing. Maybe a. 3 month ...

  10. Burda is easy enough to trace, you just need to focus - if you can read a map, you can read Burda! Lovely top.

  11. An absolutely gorgeous top! I just love Burda magazine patterns :)

  12. Excellent job!!! Your edge stitches looks fab. :)

  13. I am with Kathy all the way on this - I love the way this turned out and it fits you much better than it does me. I think I am the same height as Kathy (don't really understand feet and inches much, sorry...) so I can't wear it without a cami. But I guess that kinda helps with the wide neckline too.
    Have you caught the Burda bug now? So pleased to see that you did not find the tracing all that bad. And re: lack of seam allowances: I almost never add them to the pattern directly (in fact I only realised you could do this last year after 20 years of using Burda patterns), but when I cut the pattens using a rotary cutter, I just use a ruler to cut 1/2 further out. And for curves I eyeball it. Works a treat as long as the pattern isn't hugely complicated.

  14. I did it, too!!!
    And: I love it!

    Nice blog and a pretty shirt!



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