Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January: The Month of the Jacket

I do kind of crack myself up...

This month I am making jackets. How many jackets? I don't many as I can get myself through successfully!

They are mostly unstructured jackets; with an exception or two. Now, trust me, I have no intention on making ALL of these jackets this month!!!! But these are the jackets I'd *like* to make so I'm going to go for it!

Butterick 5928 (red view) with camel body and black sleeves

Vogue 8932 (the plaid view) for now in ivory fleece as a "wearable muslin"

Vogue 8865 (the middle view) in this floral cotton/lurex

McCall's 6844 - version 4(!) in brown (I might "cheat" and make this my January MAGAM item)

Simplicity 1699, my November garment of the month!!

Vogue 8863 in black for my daughter (with royal blue zipper placket and black lining) and this windowpane plaid for me (details unknown)

BurdaStyle Illusion Jacket 10/2012 #113 In this colorful wool blend boucle and black ponte sleeves. This jacket is actually a "gift" to myself when I reach my first goal of 8 lbs lost. I'm down 3.8 (I sucked the last 2 weeks of December) so maybe it'll be February's MAGAM item! We'll see! :)


  1. Good luck with your jacket plans. These all look great. Can't wait to see your finished jackets!

  2. This is a great project that will really expand your wardrobe.

  3. What lovely jackets.. Happy sewing..Look forward to seeing them.

  4. All good choices. I'm especially intrigued by the Burda one. Wrote down all the particulars and putting this in my sewing cue. Happy Sewing!

  5. Snap - I've got some of those patterns too - I'll bet you will get around to them before me :). Can't wait to see your versions.

  6. Thanks everyone!!

    I absolutely must have that Burda pattern. That will be my spring coat. Of course it won't be spring until May. But still! :)

    Thanks Sarah Liz! :) Although last night I pulled out two of them, read the directions, decided my mind couldn't "do it" at that moment and cut the McCall's 6844 cardigan! :)

  7. Mrs. Smith...they are all so darling! The unstructured jackets will be easy to make :0)

  8. Those awesome ambitious plans! Really lovely patterns :)

  9. I'll jump on the jacket bandwagon with you. I was going to make another pair of jeans...or a blouse...or another knit dress, but when I saw this cobalt blue jacket on PR, I decided I had to have one.

  10. Want to make it a sew along?

  11. I hope so Maria! Lol!

    Thanks Carolyn!

    I now exactly the jacket of which you speak L. Exactly the jacket! It's gah-geous! sew-along, YES!!!


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