Monday, January 13, 2014

In Progress...

Oh wait, I *do* have a finished item to show!

I cannot believe I didn't blog my I Love Bacon pjs! What in the world!?!?

B3314: has shorts, capri and full length pjs; with the highest rise in the history of the world. Gah. I had to take like 2" out of center front and the center back was just fine. I made a size Medium which equated to only about 1" of ease...but the flannel is soft and pliable and I sleep in them just fine. I'd originally bought this pattern to make pajama pants for the girls, so I bought the smaller size range.

I made a 1" elastic casing, used 3/4" elastic and added satin ribbon for a drawstring. I also lopped 2" off of the shorts because they were a weird length...about a 5" inseam
Sorry for the horrid self pics

Conclusion: LOVE. They've been washed like 3 times already (since New Years Day) because I love sleeping in them. I have 3 more cuts of flannel from JoAnn - yeah. I think so. :)

Fabric: $3.50
Thread: stash
Ribbon: stash

Otherwise, my sewing has been scatterbrained.

January Jackets? Errr. We will see. I have made zero jackets. Zero.

Saturday I pulled out each pattern I'd listed and seriously, my brain turned to goo. I couldn't make sense of the directions and even tracing off the patterns proved to be too much work. Bleh.

So I moved on to things that I didn't have to think much about and my McCall's 6844 cardi is almost done - ooooh wait! That *is* one of my January Jackets - score! LOL!

 *the collar is now attached and it is only awaiting hemming.

What's that you say? Oh, that is me unpicking serger stitches! Wahhhhhh!

I'd accidentally serged the collar inside out. Oops. The first time I had to unpick serger stitches I wanted to cry. Then I figured there HAD to be a better way. After some googlin' I found a tutorial on Burda Style that said you only need to cut the stitches from the needles, not the loopers. So now it isn't as bad.

Also in progress (but no pics) is a pair of chocolate brown Simplicity 2700 pants. I needed to sew on Saturday and these are definitely TNT status for me at this point, so I got going. I got the waistband on and went to try them on and couldn't zip them all the way.

::insert screaming, hair pulling face::

Well, I tried them on this morning and they fit.

What happened!?!?!?

  1. This is a wool blend and doesn't have nearly as much "give" as the previous two wearable pairs have.
  2. Appleby's. Appleby's happened. A good friend took me out to dinner Saturday night and I had all manner of carbs and cheese and alkyhol. 
  3. Breakfast happened. I slept pretty well Saturday night and woke up late on Sunday. I was all set to have my little blueberry parfait (berries, yogurt, granola) and my husband made breakfast; bacon, sausage, smothered potatoes and eggs. I ate copious amounts. COPIOUS amounts of potatoes!! 
((*This is a peaceful (thank GOD!) separation and for now, is still in house, with therapy which is good!!)) ((Also, I mentioned it a second time. So sue me.))

One thing I cannot seem to get right with pants is the visible zipper. This time I looked at my RTW pants as a guide and still; I have visible zipper. And of course I used a contrasting zipper on these. Boooo! I guess I'm just setting it too close to the edge. Perhaps that's something for me to practice a bit...or next time I can baste it in place before sewing. Because who wants to be ripping out a fly zipper?!?!

And, my sweater is moving right along. I have until February 28th to complete the test. I'm trying to finish before that deadline. I'm thinking I have about 4 more weeks of knitting at the current pace. I don't want to inflame my wrist/elbow.

ALSO, The lovely Graca of Sew Essentially Sew held a pattern giveaway for Butterick 5891 and I won! Yay!!!!!


Cute as a solid or with contrasting fabric. 

I cannot wait to make this top! I have a few ideas and there are some really cute versions on PR like these:


  1. Always glad to hear good news re: inner workings. Butterick 5891 looks like it has a lot of possibilities. I may have to try that one for my daughter. I've been wanting to make pj's since November-I guess I'd better crank it up-spring will be here soon. I love reading your posts.

    1. Thank you Robin :)

      Yes, get going!! :) I really have a few fabric combos in mind for that Butterick pattern. We shall see!

  2. Love the bacon sleep cute... And all the other cute things in progress in that sewing room.. happy sewing.
    ps proud hubby is still in the house..Counseling sounds good.. Praying for the best for each of you..Hugs.

    1. Thank you Judy> prayers and hugs are always appreciated and welcomed!

      I should really go home and fondle my fabrics...that always gets the mojo flowing!

  3. I have a QUICK (but messy) way of picking serger stitches. I've been meaning to do a video of the process,

    Here's what you do:

    1. Cut the lower looper threads with a pair of sharp and pointy embroidery scissors. The lower looper threads look like triangles (to me). Be careful NOT to pull these threads. I advise against using a seam ripper.
    2. On the top, grab an upper looper thread an pull it. You may have to snip a couple of upper looper threads to get it going. Once you get it going, the upper looper thread should pull apart in one long strand. If you 'get stuck', then you missed a lower looper thread. Cut it and continue.
    3. Pick up the two (or one) needle threads and pull them. They should also come out in long strands.
    4. Pick up all the little bits of lower looper threads that are left.

    I can remove serger stitches in a minute if I'm careful.


    1. As I am sure to run across this issue again, I will note this method for reference! :)

      I might even practice on scrap. I like to practice things so they stay fresh in my mind!


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