Friday, January 31, 2014

January Wrap Up

I have a par-tay to attend tonight and niece's birthday party to attend tomorrow so the sewing room might not see too much action. PLUS I am sick. This is bad, real bad. I think newly born infants have stronger immune systems than I do. So with life stress and busy, busy work and the slightest of slight illness I feel WIPED OUT. But I can't miss the party! (the owner of my company knows how to host a party!)

A little while ago on PR a thread was started about what you're really good at, and what you're not so good at. Well one thing I noted on the minuses side was that I can make myself irrationally afraid to try something.

I have had now 2 semi-formal events that I could sew a dress for but did I? Nope. And I know I can't fit the RTW dresses that I have. So I got myself all in a semi-depressed state yesterday over 1) being too fat for my dresses and 2) not just making a dang dress. But I have allowed myself to become afraid of making a lined dress. WHY? I. do. not. know. So I'm wearing a color blocked sweater dress that I forgot I owned - unless I can find a cute, sparkly cardigan to pair with this slubbed-silk Michael Kors tulip skirt I scored from the thrift store awhile back.

It's okay just not a party dress.


So this month was a doozy and I got a ton of sewing done. I cut 14 items out; 1 was a wadder and 2 are in progress.

I used up 22.5 yards of fabric but purchased 37 yards (7 yards of which were remnant pieces)

  • 2 pair of Simplicity 2700 pants - 4 yards total
  • 2 Burda 7866 tops - 4 yards total
  • 2 Sew Simple 1523 tops - 3 yards total
  • McCalls 6844 cardigan (which was made 3 times prior) - 2 yards
  • Simplicity 2255 top (which had been made before) - 1.5 yards
(are we noticing a trend here?)
  • Burda Style 02/2014 drape top - 1.5 yards (probably more like 1 3/8)
  • Butterick 5927 jacket - 1.5 yards (not counting lining)
  • Butterick 3314 pj shorts (1.25 yards
  • Burda 7509 bias cut top (in progress)  - 1.25 yards
  • McCall's 3830 pencil skirt (in progress) - 1 yard
  • Simplicity 1699 jacket (WADDER) - 1.5 yards

Hopefully this weekend I'll get the pencil skirt done. For now it's basted together...needs final tweaking then facings and hemming. I have a black SUPER soft brushed cotton that I want to make another S2255 from. I might be able to squeak that out this weekend if I don't start feeling like death.

Stay warm!!!


  1. I hope you feel better :-) I can totally relate about being afraid to sew a lined dress. I was in that same boat last year! And then I made the Sewaholic Cambie dress, which has excellent instructions for inserting the lining, and I wasn't afraid any more! I also bought the Connie Long book, Sewing Linings, which is an excellent reference - very clear and easy to read.

  2. Boo for being sick. That sucks. Feel better soon.

    Also, girl..I can't believe you're afraid to line a dress. You've made PANTS..multiple pairs that fit during your first year of sewing. Compared to that, lining a dress is easy. Sewing pants scares me in an unnatural way.

    I second Gail's suggestions of the Sewaholic Cambie and the Connie Long book. Don't feel depressed. We'll get you through it :)

  3. Oh, one more thing....I have that linings book as a PDF. Let me know if you want it as I will send it your way.

    1. YES please Niema! I had checked the book out from my library at one point but boom. It's no longer available.

  4. So sorry your sick..Hope you feel better soon.. and have fun at the 2 parties.
    You are not fat at all!!!!! You look great in all the pretty things you make. so don't you feel depressed [Dr.Judy's orders.ha]..
    As wonderful as you sew... I foresee you sewing party dresses,, and anything you want ..
    Sending prayers for you and that everything ,will be fine ..

  5. Hope you feel much better by party time. You sure have been productive.

  6. You are hardcore! Hope you feel better!! And just put on extra sassy shoes or carry and extra sparkly bag... you'll be a hottie at the party :) And also... after all this really good sewing you've been doing, you will breeze through making a lines dress. I agree with other folks, go for a quality, well written pattern like Sewaholic for a first go round at a lined dress... then you will be confident with some random commercial pattern.

  7. I use to avoid lined dresses thinking that they were so hard and time consuming. Then I noticed how nice they make an outfit look. If you don't want to line the entire dress, you can do just the bodice, it usually only needs 1 yard of fabric.

  8. I hope you're feeling better soon! Your January sewing looks like my first-half-of-a-year sewing. Wow! I still haven't finished my KLM jacket because the sewjo went out with my illness.

  9. I love that dress - it looks fashionable, sexy AND comfortable - a winning combination!
    :-) Chris

  10. PS feel better soon -
    it seems a lot of people (me included) have been sick lately.
    something must be going round.

  11. Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I hate feeling like the weekend was 'wasted' but I think actually sitting my behind all day Saturday helped a ton. I still feel achy and what not but not as bad. And the party was fun :)

    Hope everyone else that's feeling down gets better soon!!


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