Sunday, January 19, 2014

The MOST Possible Amount of Finished Items!

uhmm. I have a whole bunch of stuff to show!! Like...5 new things. FIVE! I made 2 pairs of pants and 3 tops.

Now, to be fair, the pants are my S2700 TNT pattern and one pair of pants was technically finished last weekend; well they needed hook & eyes and a button and pics. But you can't take pics during the week because it's dark in the morning and it's dark at night.

One top is Sew Simple 1523 which I'd just made. The other two tops is a new pattern BUT they're the same so...let's go!

Simplicity 2700, reviewed before...

Plaid pair: there was nary a plaid matching attempt. Nary. I was in an uhmm, mood, so I went to the cave and pulled this fabric out and cut. After I'd cut out the front pattern piece I said, Ooops. This is  a plaid. But I only had 2 yards so there was no way I could even try to ensure I matched. I just went for it. It primarily matches (LOL!) across the front and back and the side seams. The waistband? Not. At. All. I never tuck shirts anyway though...

The brown pair: Uneventful. The only mistake I made was in hemming. I might have to undo the hem because I took too deep a hem. I'll have to see how they look with my "work shoes" (which are kept in my office).

Both suiting fabrics came from FabricMart during the $2, $4, $6 suiting sale. neither has any amount of give compared to the last fabrics I made these pants from. Oops!! So they're butt huggy but that's okay. 

I serged everything before sewing, stitched the seams so I could leave them pressed open. Serged the waistband facing, removing 1/4" and then undrestitched and stitched in the ditch (I love the look and the idea of the bias binding on the facing but it's so dang time consuming! Oy!!) . I also placed my hook & eyes too far "in" and there's a weird flap at the end of the tab...again, since I never tuck shirts, this isn't a big deal. I think I'm going to make the next pair a flat front.

Also, NO VISIBLE ZIPPER!!!! Yay! I managed to do it right -and- I did not consult any source to insert my fly this time. It took a little while, but now I think I have "my way" of doing it.

ALSO, perhaps you knew this but I didn't; the zipper package has a template on it for topstitching the fly. I probably didn't know because this is what my zipper packaging always looks like:

But if you don't manhandle the packaging, you have this:

And then this:

Then, I made another Sew Simple 1523 top. You know, I had pegged this knit for a different pattern but seriously, why fuss with another knit top when I loved this one so much!?! I sewed this in 90 minutes from start to finish. I felt like a ninja warrior sewer.

THEN, because I was still amped up, I cut Burda 7866 (which for some reason I can't find on Simplicity's website now). Here's the link to the pattern on PR: 7866. I bought this pattern a long time ago after seeing some REALLY cute versions around the web and never sewed it up. Well, when I picked up that ocean blue knit from SR Harris, I knew it would become this top. How glad am I that I waited!!! I loved the top so much that it wasn't even half finished before pulling out a snake print knit and making another one up! 

So here are gazillion pics of everything! :)

***I was going to be more judicious with the pictures but I inserted them all in this weird "block" and now, if I delete one, Blogger deletes them all're stuck

Simplicity 2700 in plaid  and chocolate brown wool/poly blend suiting from FabricMart 
Burda Style 7866 top in (double? Sweater?) knit from SR Harris
Sew Simple 1523 in chartreuse jersey knit from SR Harris
Burda Style 7866 top in (poly/lycra?) knit from JoAnn
I did such a good job on matching the waistband seams! And look at that blind hem!!!!

The cuteness of those giant sleeves!

"What? Huh? OH!! I'm using a PRINT?!" Uhmm yeah. No matching there.

I was getting bored

My goofball daughter. I told her I was putting this on the blog!!!!

Review for the BurdaStyle top:

Love. I love it! This top went together super fast (SUPER fast). The front and back is one pattern piece (the shoulder is cut on the fold). Then you cut out the neckline area. It looks like no adult head could ever fit through the hole that is created, but it does!! And I have a big head!

You sew the shoulder and side seam in one swoop and then attach the front and back yoke. Boom. Done.

It has very deep hems for the sleeves and top - 1 7/8". I really like the look of it.

Now, the neckband is weird. They instruct you to interface (didn't do that) the neck and then attach the facing strips. I hate facings on knits. It's weird. This has you attach the front and back to each piece and then tack it by hand. I did no such thing. There was no tacking. None. I sewed the dang thing on my machine. 

I think the top is a bit long without modifications (so if you're long waisted, you might not need to add extra length). On the snake print, I shortened the top and the yoke a bit so it wouldn't blouse over as much.

The size 14 took just about 1 1/2 yards of fabric err, more if you need to match prints ;-)

Now, I'm all tuckered out!


  1. Burda 7866! Yay! I love that pattern! Going to make another one soon!

  2. very nice!!! Love the pants. I don't have the heart to make a pair of pants just yet but when I do, I won't stop!

  3. Your work is so precise. Lookin’ good and congratulations!

  4. I never knew there was a topstitching guide in the zipper package! When I used to buy packaged zippers, I would open the same way as you showed.

    Your pants fit very well as does all of your tops. I have Burda 7866 and will give it a second look. I also have S2700 and need to try to make it again. Thanks for sharing!

    1. RIGHT?!?! There was a thread on Pattern Review that came up about notions..and...yeah. I had no clue.

  5. You've got some great new outfits for work this week! Now, do you have to work tomorrow cause if not I guess I'll be seeing more...and if not, well look at the new wardrobe for this week!

    1. Totally have to work today! But I will be looking good in a new outfit! :) Thanks Carolyn!

  6. Those pants really fit great! I love that citrus colored top, too, and your daughter is too funny.

  7. Girl... you have been sewing up a storm.. Love your tops and pants.. Great job.. Isn't sewing fun?

  8. Wow, you are really cranking out the clothing! I had NO IDEA about the fly guide inside the packaging. I will have to check that out next time.
    Also I have that S2700 pants pattern but never tried it. They look SO GOOD on you. I will have to try them sometime.

  9. How clever is that zip template, I always struggle with that curve, here in the uk our zips are just hung on tabs. Great outfits, lovely colours. Love that tops, you are inspiring me. Can you tell me more about sew simple, as I cannot seem to find the pattern or is it in a book.

    1. I have always struggled with it too!

      I have ONLY seen the Sew Simple patterns in WalMart. A Google search for "simplicity sew simple patterns" and a look at images shows what the pattern envelope looks like.

      I'm sure they're oop releases of Simplicity patterns. There's always just 1 pattern in the envelope and they're always $.99.

  10. Great collection of garments. You did an awesome job on the pants.

  11. I am so impressed with the fit of your pants. They look fabulous. I really want to master fitting pants this year and yours are really inspiring me. Love the tops too.

  12. Thank you SO much everyone! I had fun making each of these items and can see them getting a ton of wear.

    I think everyone should fearlessly tackle pants this year!!! What's the worst that could happen??

    Wait! Don't answer that!! :)

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  14. Wow, wow, wow! You are flying! I've made Simplicity 2700 pants before. They fit pretty nicely, but yours are fab!

  15. Very nice, your getting it done Chica and your garments are very pretty.

  16. love, love, love that turquoise burda!!! Just stunning! I have to hunt that pattern down now ;-)


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