Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finished: January MAGAM

Back on 1/1 (1/2?) you know...back then...I posted how January would be "The Month of the Jacket!!

And then last week explained my confuzzled brain will not allow me to digest complicated information right now so there's no jackets.

But my January garment is "a jacket"! Yay!

I made McCall's 6844 - for the 4th time. Hey, there is something to be said for making a garment that you've sewn a bunch of times already! Time flies!

I cut this out right away, perhaps on New Year's Day even and just hemmed it this morning. I just could not find matching thread. The thread I ended up using is a tad too light, but since the fabric has these lighter flecks in it, I think it's fine. Well, it is fine. I am wearing my cardi today.

I won't review it again; versions 1, 2 and 3 can be viewed on the blog! On this version I did do a 1/2" narrow shoulder adjustment, which helped a ton. 

This fabric is ahhh-mazing. It's a medium weight, fairly stable ponte from FM.  There's a little bit of it left!! (HERE)

Fabric: $11.19
Thread: $1.07

THEN I also forgot that I cut and got started on the S1699 jacket. And I hate it.

I'm going to add at least one sleeve to be sure it should just be scrapped...but it's too short, I don't like the fabric choice, and boooo! The good thing, it was a somewhat quick sew. It's a 3 piece pattern with only bust darts. Lining in the body but not sleeves (you can sew the whole lining and pull it through the sleeve opening!). Perhaps with a more stable fabric. This stuff was all shifty and is too fluid, imo.

It looks all loosey goosey
(pardon my messy room!)

Boooooo! Bag city.

What in the world happened here?!

I'm not one that feels a burning need to finish UFOs. Why waste precious time?? But I will try to fix that neckline business, attach a sleeve, and reassess.


I have 2 other finished items, one in the works and possibly a 4th by the weekend. I want to get some good pics and considering it's dark when I leave home and dark when I return home...I'll just wait and take pics and blog on Sunday. 3 of the 4 are items I've made before so "easy", somewhat mindless sewing. Just what I needed this week!


  1. Cute cardigan. I think the fix for the jacket neckline is edge stitching to keep the lining from rolling to the outside.

  2. I like the jacket. Good idea Sheila on the other jacket fix--I learned something too. :)

  3. The cardigan is really cute (again). I agree with Sheila that edgestitching that neckline should do wonders in helping to prevent the lining from rolling out. Did you understitch the seam allowance there at all? I'm all for walking away from a lost cause instead of letting something sit there as a UFO, but definitely put in at least one sleeve--it could change the entire look of the jacket on you.

  4. ALL of those cardigans look amazing on you!

  5. Adorable cardigan!!!!! I totally bought and used the exact fabric for a blazer. What is so funny... I randomly browse the sewing sights and my blog lists... I click on something I like... and it's your stuff so often! I think we are tapping into a communal sewing brain :)

  6. Thanks for the collar tip!! AND the compliments :)

    That's awesome Kathy! Sewers unite!!!!!

  7. Love it! This pattern is on my list to buy soon!!!

  8. I want to make that cardi like real soon ! I'm not a peplum girl but had not seen that the same cardi comes in non-peplum versions too. I now have the pattern so maybe this weekend!! (bought it after seeing it on your blog but just commenting now...I looked through your "2014" completed garments link and I'm all excited again about this cardi.


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