Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finished Item: Simplicity 1619

I am going into a bit of "unselfish sewing" right now. Let's pretend it's because I'm just extra sweet :-)

Really, I am working on dropping some pounds. Not to delve too far into it but basically I've been married for about 3.5 years and have put on about 25 lbs. I am not those pounds' friend. I want them to go away. Around this time last year some friends and I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. While I only lost 2 or so pounds, I lost like 8 inches from bust/underbust/waist/hips. So I'm going to hold off on doing any sewing of fitted items for me for the month of April.

I will probably sew a few knits because I'll likely still be a "medium" even if I lose a few inches. And I'll sew my other outerwear piece because again, outerwear can transition over weight loss.

Sooooo, I'll be sewing a couple items for Dougie (my daughter), baby K (friend's daughter) and two aprons that I "owe".

Dougie is only 5'7" but this child has a near 34" inseam. She has the longest legs ever. Buying jeans has always been an issue. Luckily, ankle length jeans are "in" as is tucking jeans in she's been okay :) She is modest, modest, modest. She won't wear tanks and shorts for example...too much skin showing. So she wants new tees and capris. We plan to shorten some old jeans into capris but she wants "new" ones too.

I scoured my pattern collection, looking for 'hidden gems' and found this.

Simplicity 1619Simplicity 1619 Misses' Sportswear Line Drawing

Since she's so thin I knew she wouldn't need very much ease in these knit pants and decided to go with a size 8; using a smaller seam allowance versus cutting a 10 (I also hate using 5/8" sa on knits).

I compared the crotch curve to the KS3115 yoga pants I made for her and took 1" out of CF. This left the front and back pieces 2" too high. So instead of attaching the separate casing piece, I used this extra to fold down into a casing. Worked like a charm.

She didn't love the leg slits (I did...) so I'll leave them off next time. The best part? These used exactly 1 yard of ponte (from SR Harris $4 remnant bin!). So we are going to find some fabric colors that she likes and whip up a few more pair. She wore them to school so they must be a-ok ;-)

Next she needed a pouch for her new earbuds. I think we know by now that I stink at sewing pouches. It's so hard for me for some reason!!!! I decide I'm going to do these contrasting squares and meticulously cut these pieces out and sew tiny 1/4" seams and yeah. I unpicked stitches a few times and then did a crap job on the zipper and ...

Let's have a look at the case for my earpods...

Coat just needs a GOOD press (thanks everyone for the tips in the last post!!) and pictures...


  1. Your daughter's pants look great. Wearing them to school definitely seems like the ultimate teen seal of approval!

  2. I love the pants. Your daughter is soo cute!

  3. "Only" 5'7" ? LOL! Those yoga pants look great!

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    Oh Gail, I know...I am so used to saying she's "only" that tall because she grew SO fast that everyone swore she was going to be like 6 feet! She is NOT happy that little brother has passed her up...even though I tried to warn her that he would ;-)

  5. I have a hard time on those little projects that seem like they should be easy. I do better on more complex. Good luck with those non-friend pounds. I like to say mine are from being happily married.


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