Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Wrap Up & April Plans

I have totally abandoned each "Make a Garment a Month" plan so far this year. Oops. I got all gung-ho about shorts and summer and never got around to my high waist pants. In time.

For March I added 17.75 yards to the stash (thanks a lot FabricMart with your tempting sales).

I used 15 7/8 yards of fabric though! Almost parity. Almost doesn't count! Hahaha (remember, I masquerade as fasting. I try to fast...I do...but I love stashing. I love having a big ole choice of fabrics when I am inspired to make something!).

Stash used this month:

  • 2 Burda 6910 tops in black (YUCKY fabric & the watercolor mesh) - 2.5 yards
  • McCall's 6927 tank in black & white cotton voile - 1 yard
  • Burda Style Magazine 03/2013 shorts in green twill (awaiting finishing) - 1 yard
  • Burda 6933 pants for my son in black poly/wool suiting - 1.75 yards
  • Burda Style Magazine 02/2014 drape top in blue and white burnout jersey - 1.5 yards
  • McCall's 6754 top in plaid (double?) knit - 1 yard
  • PR Winter Street Dress (debuted today, to be blogged tomorrow!) in border print jersey - 2 yards
  • McCall's 6927 top for my daughter in plaid (the torture chamber) - 1 3/8 yards
  • McCall's 6614 sweatshirt for my daughter in tie-dye fleece - 2.25 yards
  • Butterick 5678 in striped shirting - 1.5 yards
The shorts will be finished - had to move my focus to the contest entry and to the PR dress.
The tee for my daughter will need a new pattern. Someone else attempted it and said the sleeves were "restrictive". I don't know what's wrong with them or how to fix them so I have to move on to find a cute woven tee for her! I will reuse the fabric though.
The McCall's top just didn't work out for me. I made the sleeveless version last year:

Which fits just fine if not a little gapey at the armhole. Well, I sewed the same size but out of that blasted plaid knit that didn't work for the plantain!!! It really has far less stretch than I thought. The top is too tight - AND - my plaids don't match :-(

See how it rides up at the waist? Booooo!

April Plans...

I want to sew 2 spring jackets. This past weekend the weather was pretty nice (and then it snowed today). I have a wool coat, a down coat, and a suede jacket. The suede jacket is so outdated but I love it! lol!! I really need a jacket. So I am aiming to finish the Burda Style Illusion Jacket and to sew up Simplicity 2153 (view D with no drawstring at the bottom).

Simplicity 2153 Misses Anorak Line Drawing
I'm also planning to hack this jacket for my daughter, provided I can find a nice fitting denim jacket at the thrift store.

And I hope to get back to sewing some spring garments.

OH and I have a rant.

The US edition of Burda Style magazine stinks. Do not buy it. Do not waste your time and money. Why does it stink?

  1. Bait-and-Switch: The magazine was introduced with the promise of 40 patterns per issue; 4 issues per year. In the first issue, 'Winter 2014', there were 20 patterns on the tracing sheets in the magazine and 20 patterns available for download with a free code. HOWEVER, the 'Spring 2014' edition of the magazine has NO DOWNLOADS. The patterns are included in the magazine photos, the instructions are included, but you have to pay full price of $5.99 per pattern for the downloads. The cover says "23 additional patterns to download!" well that would cost you $137.77 to get those 23 patterns.
  2. Lies: When they got called out about the missing code in the new edition, they backpedaled and said those free patterns were only for the premier edition of the magazine.
  3. Confusion: The pattern sheet patterns have seam allowances included but the downloads did not. Ok, I guess, as long as you are aware of this...
  4. Foolishness: They claimed "better" instructions. They are not better. They are printed on prettier paper.
  5. Silliness: Like many other things that have been "created" for a US audience; the magazine is dumbed down with a lot of silly extras.
  6. Poor Editing: The Winter 2014 edition is missing patterns and pattern pieces. There are several complaints about this and I spent over an hour looking for a pattern piece that is not there. Also, one entire pattern is missing from the sheets. When several people asked if it would be made available as a download - silence. Not sure how the Spring edition fares as almost everything I like is from March 2013 which I own.
  7. Cost: Many people paid $29.99 for a 1 year subscription to the magazine (I'm sure some people got slightly better offers and there was a better offer if you went with 2 years vs 1). But at $29.99 for 4 issues; you are paying $7.50 per issue - for 20 patterns. If you subscribe to the English translated International edition at $90 for 12 issues; you are paying $7.50 per issue - for what, 50(?) patterns. **For those that subscribe, I know there are variations on a pattern that count as a "new" pattern. That is another gripe I have; simple variations were separated. E.g., dress - included. crop top that's the bodice of said dress? Not included.**
  8. Extra: To add on to the cost factor, the US magazine patterns are all repeated from the international editions. So there's no reason to double up if you have access to the international edition.
Boo you, Burda.


  1. Yay for April! It looks like you have a lot of exciting plans. Oh how I hope you finish the illusion jacket from Burda : ) And yes, you are right about the US Burdastyle magazine. I have since moved on even though I bought the year subscription. I am continuing my subscription to the translated version because it makes more sense. To be honest, I could sew the majority of my clothing from the translated Burda, and not miss any of the Big 4 patterns. But, then again, the pattern sales make the Big 4 so cheap I figure, why not?

    1. I cut the illusion jacket last night!!! :) Well started cutting anyhow...

      I know. I don't hate the Big 4 and as long as they keep offering them at those prices here, I am sure I will probably keep buying them.

  2. :) I enjoyed your Burda rant. There were just too many things wrong from the get-go on that one. I have the international subscription only because I'm a sucker for new patterns ;-) so I didn't even think about the US one; however, I've heard many complaints about it.

    Great job on your March sewing! I too, love to stash those pretty fabrics. It is too hard to not buy more. I really like that peplum tank on you and I can't wait to see you make that awesome jacket for your DD!!!

    1. Train. Wreck. I am like, where was your market research!?!?

      Thanks! I am pretty excited about that jacket too! I've never done a refashion!

  3. I had that pattern -2153--in my grubby hands last week at Joanns but eventually put it back because I was so indecisive. I'm excited to see you are gonna sew it. And the Burda rant--- I'm with you there. I never was going to be a subscriber because the patterns are just old recycled ones. I was annoyed with it the second I saw it, then it just got worse and worse. I feel like there is a HUGE disconnect with the various departments and segments of their company... something is missing. The US version is so ill-thought out... and I feel bad because I bet the few folks working on it are trying hard and it looks like someone forgot to tell them they are doing it wrong. The "extras" in the edition are really really lame. They are missing a MASSIVE audience here in the US with the poor execution of this. Just give me the British monthly version with all the silly translations and often poor directions. I even ranted on my blog back in October(?) when I saw it on newsstands... and I never rant on my blog. I still will be a subscriber to that for now.

    1. That made me chuckle! hahahaha! You have to get it! Just look around the blogosphere at allllll the pretty versions! ;-)

      Like I posted above to Kristin...market research? Who made these decisions? Did no one think this through???!

  4. I am so glad I did not get the Burdastyle US version. They are trying hard though, they sent me an email to receive an free trial issue. I did not accept because I fear they are trying to trick me into subscribing.

    1. Several people were saying that on pattern review and we're all like, noooooo don't do it! LOL! Maybe within the year they'll have the kinks worked out but right now?? Meh.

  5. I like your list because it is awesome. Rant on their FB page as often as possible.

    1. Thank you :-D

      Yes. I like social media for that. Social media makes me happy!

  6. I won't be jealous about your US Burda then! I buy the English translation International Burda - why I don't know,because I rarely use it, especially as we can now get the Big 4 on cheap sales here now (Australia). Looking forward to Simp 2153 being made up (I have the pattern and would love to see your version of it).

    1. Do not be jealous! Like Kathy said, they should have just worked harder to bring the translated edition to major retailers.

      Mine will be black, exciting, I know, but I need a jacket so badly that black is the logical choice!

  7. I bought a US BurdaStyle Spring 2014 issue completely deceived into thinking all 43 patterns were at hand. After writing a 'glowing' report on my blog, someone left a nice comment letting me know about the downloads not being included. I've since written an updated post about Burda's fraud/deception, if you'd like to take a look. http://pieceworktreasures.blogspot.com/2014/03/what-is-going-on-with-us-burdastyle.html. Someone left a comment today saying she was told they, the US BurdaStyle, are in bankruptcy, and it is questionable whether any of the subscribers will receive their issues.
    I'm just glad I hadn't subscribed yet, as I was planning to.
    Look forward to seeing the jackets you make!

    1. Oooooh I'll have to check out your link! It is very frustrating. VERY. It was done quite deceptively!

    2. Whoa. Thanks to everyone on this topic. Pals at a local fabric store said they stopped handling Burda patterns/Burda Style because of delivery problems. Clerks at JoAnn's (who have carried the US quarterly) have echoed that, but still carry them (or try to). Snooty local shoppe still carries the UK Burda magazine and they just smiled at the question.

  8. wow, you need a refund on that US Burda, it is just not what you thought you were paying for. I still like the translated regular burda, but they need a total re-think on the US version.

    I really like that sleeveless peplum top, it's amazing the difference a small bit of difference in fabric can make!

    1. Thanks! Oh my gosh yes. Changing fabric can completely change the garment!

      I did get a refund...and a cancellation of my subscription. For now, I can get the translated version for $10 if I call GLP before it is issued. I might subscribe though...we'll see :)

  9. I am so grateful for your Burda rant. I did pick up the first one in the store, but the second one I looked at and thought it was a little light for the outrageous price. I also just subscribed to Ottobre. Ottobre doesn't seem very flashy, but is more practical for my lifestyle.

    1. I've heard tons of good things about Ottobre. May have to check it out!


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