Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simplicity 1426 & New Summer Simplicity Patterns


I swear they just released new patterns not too long ago...anyway. I am impressed!

Uhmmm...YES Please! That is a great amount of coverage + vavavoom for someone who is mildly comfortable with their body in a swimsuit.
ok, sans ruffle (no thanks CR) this is freaking FANTASTIC! The high waist! The tucks(?). Yes. Yes. YES!

This is cute and even if I never make it...I want it.

Sweetheart EVERYTHING please! Plus look at that darling back cut-out! And it seems bra friendly.

I will wear a boatneck anything. It looks good on me. Really good.

Not spectacular, but I had this dress in mind when I pictured something cute and functional for summer weddings (crap that I probably won't be attending now...)

Because it's a jumpsuit!

Apparently I am now a halter neck fiend.

The short skirt is kinda cute. I'll never do view A. Ever. And I know that boxy top isn't suitable. But I will buy it mainly cause it's C.R. 

The New Look release is boring. Nothing here that I want.

Last weekend...Life...Sewing that wasn't intense on brain power...And I cut S1426, view C

Simple? uh, no.

Perhaps because I've never sewn lingerie or swimsuits I was so clueless. And then it didn't help that some of the steps are combined illustrations and it ended up taking me a minute to figure it all out.

I used the same fabric as papa's Christmas pjs (not blogged??) and my S2255 top (here). I'm starting to dig buying 4-5 yards of a cut of fabric!

I swear those are just pointy darts. SWEAR! LOL! I am wearing a strapless bra under here.

I cut a size 14...I don't understand the finished garment measurement. I think it's full bust...it's equal to the chart. E.g. a 14 is for a 36" bust and has a 36" finished measurement. This would explain why it wouldn't close... :) I have a 38.5 ish full bust. So I got creative! Instead of "Oops" I converted it to a 'design feature' cause that's what good sewers do!

I added a button band to each side. Bam. Work it out.

Well I don't love the balconette style on me. And I set the straps way farther than what they indicated. I felt like I was being strangled! This view had all the fashion fabric piece you see, the cups are lined (broadcloth) and then there are facings.  It took me awhile y'all.

But then I was kinda hooked.

Now, you see how I dress and you know that there is no way, no matter what, I will wear this outside as a "top". Maybe with those cool CR high waisted shorts or pants and a jacket :) Or if I grace the sands of a beach...

So I made another.

This time I cut view A in a cotton madras that I'd scored some time ago from Hancock. It's really cool and the color is still vibrant after washing/drying to pretreat. (uhmm, that is my natural stance. I don't know why I stand like that).

For this one I cut a 16. And though it doesn't appear to be, the cups are a little too big on the outside -OR- I need to find a better option to get the strap (that's connected to the bodice and is also the halter tie) to lie flat.

Love. Love. Love. I like the halter style and the wrap front and the pleats - a lot. This one had no interfacing, just lined and then there's the upper straps and a bottom band that are "self faced". This went FAST.

hmmm...a use for that extra polka-dot fabric? :-)


  1. I'm loving some of those patterns you listed. Love the pattern you made (for me around the house), yes, I'd dare.

  2. Beautiful work--I like how you are able to figure out fitting challenges. The madras plaid fabric has such a summer/beach/vacation vibe. Great tops!

  3. I love the way the second halter looks! that style definitely suits you :-)

  4. I'm loving the plaid and the color of that last top. You got a great fit on it too. Those pointy darts are frustrating. I've ruined a few summer tops with that lovely effect.

    1. I'm going to see if I can "fix" it. Meh.

      Thanks! :) Love the plaid too!

    2. simplicity pattern 1426 I am so frustrated with the darts on view C your white halter!Were you able to fix the pointy dart problem if so please share!I sewed the whole top to realize they are super pointy!Did you make curved darts perhaps?Im thinking of adding padding perhaps.Please share😁thanks!!

  5. It's nice to see some great patterns rolling out from Simplicity!
    I like the plaid top too. Nice work!

    1. Thanks!
      I know! I have only liked one or two from their last few releases. I am really excited about this batch!

  6. I love that Simplicity 1364 pattern. You did such a great job on both tops. I especially love the color of the second one.

  7. Great pattern selections - I love all the CR patterns too and always want them even when I know I won't sew them up.

    Cut top - love the madras fabric.

    1. Thank you! YES. I have found I must own all of her patterns. All of them :)

  8. I love your new releases posts - I always find so many new patterns I want!

  9. Those are some nice patterns! As always, cute outfits coming out of your sewing room!

  10. Okay, I loooooove 1366 view A!!!! I'd probably look horrible in it, but it's so fun and trendy ... I think I'd pair it with 1365 on top. (Except that I doubt I'd look much better in 1365!) And 1371 and 1387, I am a huge Cynthia Rowley fan -- I've actually planned to blog about her in the next few weeks. :)

    And GOOD JOB on 1426!!! I love the plaid version especially. Is it supportive, or do you have to wear a bra underneath? I'm totally going to use this pattern to attempt making myself some cute bras, it seems less intimidating than other bra/bra top patterns.

    1. Ooh you should blog about her! I love her patterns. I think this release will have tons of cute stuff over the sewing webs this summer! I can't wait for the next Simplicity sale!

      Thank you so much! It was fun to make!

      The chambray one was NOT working and I have on a strapless bra underneath. The plaid one I am braless. Even I was surprised at the support! I'm not "huge" up top but I am a DD cup. So I can't exactly go free you know ;-)

  11. I like the new simplicity patterns.. Some really cute ones this time.. [just waiting on Hancocks or Joann's to do the sales.
    Great job on the tops..Love the plaid fabric..so pretty

  12. I love the plaid halter, it looks fabulous on you! :)


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