Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sew-a-Palooza Part Two

A few things I intended to include in yesterday's post...but still apply here.

The Midwest is fickle. By the time the 2nd or 3rd week of May rolls around we could be seeing perfect 70 degree weather and if that happens; I want to be ready! I seriously survived last summer with one pair of shorts, a second pair of MOM shorts (my husband hated those shorts!) and a couple of dresses and the plethora of tank tops that I own. We have a very busy next few weekends coming up. So that's what sparked my desire to knock a bunch of stuff out.

I spent the week prepping. This is my preferred (ninja) method when I want to sew a ton. Friday night I sewed two things (save for finishing work) and traced my Burda pattern, assembled my Lekala pattern (cut the paper and did not trace off the assembled paper pattern) and cut out my shorts pattern. I cut all the fashion fabric out except for the denim skirt; I did that Saturday morning.


I WANTED that denim skirt!! Then, I got 'scared' of tackling the Burda and Lekala patterns right away - leave it up to me to choose both to be near-instructionless patterns! LOL! So I decided to do S1430 first. Well...I didn't even use the instructions!! I sewed THREE fly zippers without instructions this weekend! Woohoo!

My shorts expedition starts with Simplicity 1430 with plans to also work up Sewaholic Thurlows (having second thoughts) and Burda 02/2011.

**My 2nd thoughts with regards to Sewaholic is that I am not a pear. Yes, I have a 10" or so difference between waist and hip but I don't have the width at the hip that is generally equated with "pear". I have seen tons of good Thurlows; on thin pears. Kathy who IS a pear and who is also wonderfully curved; sewed the thurlows and wasn't in love. Based on my 2 earlier muslins; I am not either. BUT, I already paid $20+ for the pattern so part of me thinks I'd better try to make it work. AND I think it would be a better option for going through the welt pocket making process.

There's enough room for my thighs! YAY!

Not too shabby

I *always* have those couple of wrinkles between my dart and my butt. I don't know if that means I need to change my dart length or what.

I believe those wrinkles are solely from them being cotton sateen.

This side view shows the importance of photos! They feel GREAT on. But LOOK at that side seam. It is not completely vertical. I literally have a 'greedy butt'! :-) I know how to fix that though!


I decided to skip the pockets since I hadn't muslined this pattern and was using a black sateen that I thought might end up being the death of me (lint. magnet.). Having had success with S2700, I decided to just do flat measurements to see if it would work. I removed 1.5" from CF (!!!) and didn't add any of it to the back.

I chose a size 18 based on the finished hip of 46" and I flat measured the waistband...and once it was all interfaced, "wrapped it around me" and decided it would work. (This is scientific guys).

I ended up taking 7/8" side seams from below the waistband to the hem. I left the waistband SA at 5/8". Construction was ZOOMING right along, my daughter was hanging out in the cave and was asking questions here and there about the process. I generally line my zippers up at the bottom and then cut off the excess from the top. She asked about the excess zipper.

"I leave that there until I sew on the waistband so I don't accidentally pull the zipper pull off"

5 minutes later...no waistband attached...I cut the zipper tape and go and pull the $#($* zipper pull off!

I nearly cried. We both tried in vain to get the thing back on. I did not want to take out the stitching. I did not have another black zipper on hand. In her infinite teenage-wisdom, she said I should take a break. She then made me French toast and kielbasa (sweetest baby ever, you guys!).

After that debacle, I found out that I could reattach it from the bottom. I cut the tape, reattached it and had to handstitch everything in the bottom back in place. WHEW!

I also put the zipper on the "wrong" side. Meh. Works for me. I used some of my polka-dot(!) quilting cotton for the waistband facing. Insides are all serged and I used a 1 1/4" hem.

They aren't perfect but I like them a lot! I don't think I'll tweak the pattern too much. These feel a tiny bit loose but this sateen has some stretch and obviously I plan to use this pattern with non-stretch wovens.

So yep, I love them! Now if only...


Burda 11/2012 reviewed already. Made in this cool knit I picked up from the $2 remnant bin at SR Harris.

Simplicity 2061 again?? already?!!? YES!! In black "lightweight" ponte from FabricMart.

"But wait! Isn't that the same pic as above?!?!" Shhhhh.
There's a weird something happening with the neckband. It's floppy right in the center.

My goof on this pattern? I was cutting the back piece out and had the front close by so I could match stripes. If you feel resistance while cutting, stop immediately! I snipped two holes in my shirt - thankfully in the sleeve hem allowance. Whew!

I mean, who woulda thunk that I'd be salivating over elastic-waisted, tapered ankle-length pants?!?!

Can you say, Holy swayback!!?!?!?!? WOW! I didn't realize it was this bad when I made it last time. I need to alter this pattern immediately! Sheesh.

My daughter has given me a list of things she needs made. She wants the Illusion jacket. She actually asked to wear mine! :-) She's so sweet.

But uhmm...I'm a Burda 42 and she's probably a 34. So...yeah.


  1. I'm in love with your top! Those colors are so cute. I love the polka dot lining on the shorts too. Your daughter is just so sweet.

    1. Thank you!

      I am hatching an evil plot to teach her to sew. Shhhhhh!

  2. I love your shorts.. and the polka dot waist band is perfect..so cute.. They look good on you to me.. Happy sewing.

  3. Cute top, nice shorts, and you'll get those pants to fit just as you'd like.

  4. Love the top and the shorts! Very cute!

  5. Awesome shorts! I like the peek a boo polka dot facing. I am with you on getting into gear and sewing summer clothing. You are off to a great start!

    1. Thanks!

      I was a sad, outfit repeating lady last summer. I am going to be so cute this summer! hahahaha!

  6. I've made those same mistakes! :) Great save and looks good.

    1. Oh Roz! Intelligently you know that, "stuff happens" but oh boy, in that moment it's like traumatic! :)


  7. Hi Nakisha - you are not a pear, I could have told you that!!! Pears tend to have a lot more weight on the bottom and thighs - they are like bit peardrops. It looks to me like you carry more weight in your higher hip area, rather than the lower hip area of the pear shape. I do that too - always a chunkier mid section look at the front. Your back looks quite shapely - harder to fit. I've got the same problem. So part of your smaller waist is actually your shapely back.

    Have I gone on too much about shape, lol's???!!

    1. Not too much AT ALL!

      When I was just starting I was so confused about my "shape" because of the numerical difference between w/h...I kept seeing 10" is a pear. But I kept thinking-I don't look like that!

      So now I know! :)

  8. I commend you for keeping at fitting shorts. I tried a McCall's pattern a while ago and gave up. Chub-rub was epic and sad. Very sad.

    When I shorten a zipper from the top, the absolute next thing I do is put a safety pin across the zipper tape at the bottom. I've pulled the tab off enough times to make this a priority.

    Keep all your cold air in Minnesnowta. The one daffodil (seriously) I had is already pretty sad. =)

    1. I am putting that tip in my back pocket. That was traumatizing!

      LOL!! I'll try to not send it over to you! :)

  9. I cut off the tab of a zipper also. I felt so stupid because I knew better. Can't believe it, but I did manage to get it back on.

    Nice garments.

    When do you sleep?

    1. Thanks!

      Hahaha! That is the question! :) I totally sleep 8-9 hours per night. I cannot function without sleep! 9 p.m. and I am done. DONE! In the bed!

  10. Great shorts! (The Simplicity 1430) They show lots of promise. Your top is so cute too :) I'm amazed at the amount of things you can accomplish in a day/weekend!


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