Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award + Randomness

The Sunshine/Shine On Award is meant to get to know your fellow bloggers and allow your readers to get to know you a little better with the use of 10 facts about you!

I was awarded the blog by Dorothy of Sewing Fun Things!

The Rules:
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  • Link the person who nominated you
  • Write 10 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10 bloggers
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10 things you might not know about me

  1. I was the cheerleading captain in high school. This is so shameful for my poor, athletic, anti-cheerleading/dance/any activities that are too girly daughter. But I'm peppier than I like to admit so maybe this isn't a surprise :)
  2. I am equally as likely to be listening to hard-core gangster rap as I am bubblegum pop music. I just like music. But not playing music! My mind cannot learn to read music.
  3. Despite being considered "academically gifted", I almost failed 9th grade. Bore-ing. I swear I think I have ADD!
  4. I was about 3 days shy of 21 before I took my first plane ride.
  5. I sleep 8-9 hours per night. I do not play about my sleep.
  6. I have weird food issues. No allergies but so many sensitivities (no beef, no tuna, bbq sauce is spicy). And I dislike "normal" things like ranch dressing (YUCK!), mustard, mayo...I could care less if I never ate pasta again...etc
  7. I think saying I have a sweet tooth would be the understatement of the millennia. I love candy, cookies, cake, pie, cookies :) I seriously have like 12 fillings. It is so sad.
  8. I do not play outside. No thank you. I don't camp or ski or whatever it is that people do outdoors. I can be persuaded to go for a walk on a nice spring/fall day.
  9. Fall is my favorite. It stinks that it lasts for about 13 minutes in Minnesota because I just LOVE fall! I hate summer heat and humidity. Hate. Hate. Hate. So as much as I complain about 6 months of winter, I could not stand to live anywhere where it is hot most of the year.
  10.  I have 3 siblings, 14 nieces and nephews and am soon to be a great aunt.
I Nominate:

Making The Flame

These are all fantastic blogs with FANTASTIC bloggers! Kind, funny, helpful, and they crank out fun to look at garments. sure to check them out!


Because I luuuuurve Randomness...

I have another finished project to show but I think I am going to make a version 2 so I will blog when it's made.

I wore my new pants yesterday with a super bright yellow top purchased from JCPenney many, many moons ago. It is slightly too small. But since it's a style with lots of worked out okay.

I am done trying to make woven tops for Dougie. Done. Done. Done. I will only make knits. And oversized things. And pants. I am never making her a fitted woven top again. Did I say that already? Hmmph!!!!!

Okay, the pattern called for a 20" zipper. I wanted to use this coral zipper and I didn't have a 20" zipper. LOL! Well, I definitely needed a full zipper.

If you look at her waist in comparison to her shoulders...Geez.

Poor baby was again traumatized trying to get in and out of this top.

So I now need to unpick the zipper and CB seam and use a full zipper. I also need to redo the front of the right sleeve and the back of the left sleeve (a couple of puckers).

I did a 3/4" broad back adjustment (thanks Anne of ClothingEngineer!) which worked tremendously well. I can now understand, after doing it, why it makes a difference in the sleeve/armscye fit.

I am going to skip the facings and just use bias tape on the neckline. I think she might find a top with facings too cumbersome.

**You do not realize the hassle involved talking her into TRYING the peplum. And I think it looks amazingly cute on her and says even more, "Look at my teeny, tiny waist (that is approximately the same size as my mother's thigh)" ;-)


  1. I need sleep too -- I cannot function on 5 hours -- at least 8 hours! Love your pants with the spring yellow top!

    1. Thanks Annie! Oh gosh I don't know how people do it! I am delirious by like 9 pm! LOL!

  2. Oooh I love reading things like this. I had to laugh about the outdoors thing: you live in the midwest, aren't we all supposed to like camping/hiking?? LOL
    I love all kinds of music - especially rap (shhh), sweets, and my sleep too. I love finding out random facts about my favorite bloggers because it is fun to see things we are similar on and things we are opposite on. :)
    I'm beyond flattered that you nominated me!!! Thanks!
    Yellow shirt and new pants look great together, the peplum has potential - have fun with the unpicking! ;-)

    1. Exactly! I especially get harassed because I've lived half my life in Chicago and half in Minneapolis. I'm "supposed" to enjoy this stuff but, no thank you! :)

      The random facts are always fun to read, I agree!

      oh and DD will be unpicking herself. I'm smart aren't I!?!?!? hahaha!

  3. Your answers are so interesting and fun. Unlike you, my pastries are plastered all over my body.

    1. Hahahaha!!! That made me literally laugh out loud!

  4. I like your pants styled with the bright yellow! I too have a SWEET tooth, and I too have weird food allergies, I have to be particularly careful with dairy. I have had a couple of incidents where I break out in hives on my face. The last time it happened my hubby said he was taking me to the CDC!! Hence, I only eat what I know will not cause reactions.

    1. It stinks being so sensitive! I do not try new things for that reason. And use plain stuff. Plain white soap. Plain lotion. Plain. Plain. Plain. LOL!

  5. Lol, you are so funny! But yes, the top and pants look so cute together.

  6. Oh, how cute are the pants with that yellow top! Your daughter is adorable in that peplum top.

  7. Love your pants with the yellow shirt.. Looks great on you..
    Your daughters peplum top is going to be great..
    ENjoyed your answers.You are too funny.

  8. You're right about the facings. They will just drive her crazy and the amount of time she'll be this size is about the same amount of time the bias tape will last. I say it's a win/win. I sew for my teen boys, and you have to sit on them and wrestle them into anything that wasn't 100% their idea. And THEN they love it and thank you.

    1. Exactly. They will drive her batty and then she probably won't wear it and all of my frustrations will be for naught!

      I sometimes lead her onto the path. Shhhhhhh ;-)

  9. Very cool pants, you look sharp! I'm a nerd and read the 'getting to know you' sort of lists like this. I was so close to failing 11th grade even though I was similarly 'gifted'... it was sooo painfully boring.. but I finished school in 11th grade and went to college a year early because my high school was so embarrassingly unchallenging.

    And how itty bitty is your little girl!?! Her waist probably=my ankle.

    1. Thanks Kathy!!!

      Listen! It is such a battle between being a parent and sympathizing with my poor son and his boredom. I will be SO glad when he's in high school (10th grade) so he can have a wider range of options.

      I think to myself all that time that she needs to profusely thank her father's family! LOL!!!!! Her waist is literally smaller than my thigh.

  10. I enjoy reading your blog because you often sew items I don't often make especially tops (I love dresses and suits), its like your right hand knowing what your left is doing lol :-)

  11. I don't think your daughter would want facings. They aren't very common in many ready to wear.
    I have many food sensitivities and more allergies. I cannot eat shellfish, dairy, eggs, pork, lamb, beef, wheat, gluten, cantelope, (I'll stop listing now) without becoming seriously ill. I cannot even be in the house with them being cooked. Don't worry. I have many things I can still eat.

  12. Nakisha, Because your blog and everything you make is so awesome I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. No need to answer more questions, I just want to send some new readers your way :)

  13. Thanks for nominating me! I so relate to #2. I just cannot function without music. All kinds!!
    Recently I found out I have food allergies so I can no longer eat beef, pork or chocolate. WHAT! chocolate!? uhm yeah....I still eat it though. ssshhhh....

  14. Awwww shucks. Thank you for nominating me!

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It's like having a conversation between old friends! I don't camp or ski either. I tried skiing once when I was younger and quickly realized that it was NOT for me. You want me to move around in the cold and snow with wood rails attached to my feet? Did I mention it was cold and snowy? I like going for walks and city-girl hiking (day time, lots of bug spray, and no tents), but camping? Um. No.

    I love your last look. Pairing your pants with the yellow top was tres chic.

  15. A very big and belated thank you for nominating me! I have been thoroughly enjoying seeing all of your recent makes (love the Lekala skirt and especially love the Simplicity top). Love reading your facts - and can completely relate to the one about sleep, although I often don't get as much as I need.


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