Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Little More Randomness...And Vogue 8839

You're being inundated with blog posts!!! Sorry :)

THANK YOU to everyone for your kind words; the support is greatly appreciated. I'm going to be away this weekend and I could have just scheduled a couple of posts but, whatever.

First, I finished V8839 a little while ago but don't love it like I thought I would :(  It's too big - I've bought the smaller size range so I can make a medium (wah! I have to cut all 7 pieces out again). AND the fabric is too floppy. I thought this lightweight knit would be perfect but really, it doesn't allow the waterfall front to naturally drape. I have to "arrange" it. Maybe that's in part to it being too large? I don't know.

I HAVE purchased a beefier double sided knit to try again. Love this combo though so we will see how it works out. If I realize I'm not wearing it much, I might give it a new home.

I *like* it, I just don't love it. 

I had to have my daughter take my photos for the contest last night and I caught her just before a nap. So I didn't ask her to photograph this too! :) So poor lit selfie it is!

I'm wearing it over S2255 which is collarless and sleeveless. It does look better over a more substantial shirt:

That shirt is from Christopher & Banks. I picked it up at the thrift store for a couple dollars. Loved the details on it. I was going to wear it today but it was SOOOO wrinkled! haha! I did not have time to iron it.

shoulder princess seams in front and back darts

Grosgrain ribbon sewed to the front

LOOK at those cute buttons!!!

This is the first RTW shirt I've seen with the continuous lap...

I styled this on Lily with the sleeve cuffs peaking out. But that won't happen because these sleeves are too short. I wish they were an inch longer. So I am probably more likely to roll them up.

Neemie posted about wanting a denim skirt and I was going to suggest the one I made; but couldn't remember if it was the Burda or Lekala in denim.

When I made those two skirts, I was put off by the darts in the Lekala pattern. WHY a yoke and darts?? And then I realized that I can remove those darts easy-peasy.

I (as usual) got pretty giddy with myself because it proves I am learning!! The top piece is the Burda pattern; the bottom is the Lekala. If I slice that dart leg (and add some horizontal-ish slashes too), what will happen?? The pattern piece would curve up on the outseam like the Burda one! Silly dart eliminated!

Because I need just a tad bit more mindless sewing; I'll be cutting out M6360 leggings and M6612 tunic today. Fast. Easy. Knits. 

6360--The longest pair, but with no zippers

6612--View A (the model is doing weird things in every photo)

Aaaaaand, tomorrow I'll be posting my red dress! :-) Can't wait to see what everyone came up with!


  1. I love your randomness! I don't think the jacket looks bad, just too roomy. The color choice is nice, and I am glad you are trying it again. Woo hoo, red dress tomorrow!

  2. Aww, I'm sad the jacket didn't turn out like you were hoping. I've found that patterns with S-M-L often run pretty big. I started with a medium in the last soft jacket I made (that McCall's peplum jacket that everyone and their mother has sewn up) and ended up taking it in to pretty much a small.

    And ooo on the 6612A. That's a good view from that pattern, especially with leggings! As you've seen, I just did the boring ol' D short with sleeves. Not my favorite dress/tunic.

  3. I am amazed at how prolific a sewist you are! Wow!

  4. I am in love with the color choice for the jacket,in the photos it looks fine.It doesn't appear to be too big.

  5. I think the jacket will be fine for a casual, slouchy, weekend throw on - probably not what you had it mind, but it will still work somewhere in your wardrobe :)

  6. I do think your jacket looks nice!


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