Monday, September 8, 2014

Finished Item: Butterick 6104

I don't have great pics, sorry! I don't know why this haze is present!

Butterick 6104 is the only pattern from the latest release that I had to have. It has several views which gives different collar and length options,  princess seams, and is fully lined. 

Initially I freaked out and was all 'IT'S LINED TO THE EDGE!! WAHHHH!!!' but the front piece of the lining is cut from the fashion fabric.

Still deciding on closures...probably go with large sew-on snaps

I think part of the diagonal wrinkles are due to the lower left side of my body

I'll never wear the neck up like it is on the pattern envelope and like letting the collar just fall. Either it comes up higher than it appears on the pattern or I have a short neck. Whatevs.

I bagged the lining using Grainline's tutorial again. It's genius. I don't like hand sewing and don't mind the sleeve lining having visible stitching. I cut the sleeve lining 1/2" shorter than the sleeve and then used a 3/8" seam allowance.

I mentioned in my last post that I did a 1/2" narrow shoulder adjustment, lowered the front princess seams 1/2" (they could be another 1/2" lower). 

I used flannel cut in 2 1/2" strips on the bias for sleeve heads. When I used fleece in my other Butterick jacket, it felt a little too full. But this flannel is too thin. Ahhh. The sleeves went into the armholes beautifully. Thank. Goodness. 

I was pretty excited about this pattern until I reminded myself that I would have to sew alllllll those seams again in the lining. Bleh. Front and back princess seams, side seams, shoulder seams, all the peplum seams, sewing the peplum to the body, the sleeves. GOOD GRIEF! But the princess seams work so nicely that it's worth it!

Next time I'm going to do a slight swayback adjustment -- it looked good when I pinched out about 3/4" and pinned it. The back was nice and smooth. I will probably also cut the first peplum piece in the fashion fabric too.

Fashion fabric is a cotton/wool blend from FabricMart, lining is poly pongee in a pale blush pink.

Can we just talk a minute about fabric?

So, I sewed my floral S1696 pants in a 100% cotton. Then I sewed my S1803 dress in 100% cotton. Then I sewed the S2153 vest in 100% cotton. And this is a cotton/wool blend.

OHMYGOSH. EVERYTHING should be sewn with cotton!!! :)

Just sooooo easy to cut, mark, sew, press. Ahhhhhh

I thought this fabric was 100% cotton until I went to double check the date (Pattern Review fabric stash contest is running). That's when I saw that it was cotton/wool. Yes, it frays but holy cow was it well behaved!

I am taking a 2 day hiatus from sewing (yes, me) until the next challenge is announced -- assuming I make it to week 2!



  1. The jacket is looking good - yes if your shoulders are lopsided that may account for the wrinkle. Jackets always sit better with a slippery lining, and wrinkles become less obvious as they don't catch as much.

    1. So true Sarah Liz! I am loving this jacket. Ready to make #2!

  2. Looks wonderful! I love the color on you. Have you ever thought of using a slightly thicker shoulder pad on the left side? It would save some fitting time :) Well done!

  3. Meigan beat me to it - try a thicker shoulder pad, or add another smaller or thinner one.

  4. beautiful, I just love the items you sew. cant wait to see what you come up with next.

  5. Love that jacket--a pop of color is necessary in everyone's wardrobe. I like the ideas about the shoulder issue. Will keep that in mind.

    1. Thank you Robin! I really like the overall fit of this one and the color makes me smile!

  6. Nice jacket!! And I agree with you assessment about how wonderful cotton is to sew!! Enjoy your hiatus.

  7. That's a great color on you!

  8. That's a great style for you. Nice job!

  9. Cotton is like comfort food. Most natural fibers are like comfort food. I want a sticky bun. Wait, what was the question?

    Your jacket is great and I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of it. I can't wait to see what you do with the first FM challenge.

  10. How adorable and what a great color!

  11. Hi Nakisha, your jacket came out wonderfully. Maybe I missed it, but what view did you make? I know this comment may come a bit late, but I just saw on Georgeous fabrics blog, that she suggested to make the lining first to make all your adjustments. that way when you cut your outer fabric, you already know what you need to adjust.


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