Monday, September 1, 2014

August Wrap-Up

My S2443 jacket is still abandoned. Which is sad because I like it! I promise I'll finish it. Otherwise, I had 5 immediate goal items for August and made 4. Yay!

I had super busy weekends all month so didn't sew nearly as much as I usually do and my pants plans got pushed. 

NOW with the FM contest I'm not really making any September plans. If I manage to get sewing done in between contest entries then, I will. If I get eliminated early well...I'll get back on my fall plan. 

This was a good month in that I am quite happy with most everything I've sewn. I think it's time to clean out my closet though because I still find myself unable to "find anything to wear" on the weekends. So I must have stuff that doesn't move me (or that's too small/ill fitting). 

*S1696 pants in floral cotton and red RPL (only needs hemming. Seriously. Smh.): 3.5 yds
*V9026 sweatshirt in pink striped ponte: 1.75 yds
*S1317 tee for my daughter in floral knit: 1.25 yds
*S1318 kimono in floral chiffon (I accidentally sliced it while grading the SA): 1.5 yds
*S2153 vest in olive poplin: 1.5 yds
*S1803 dress in floral sateen: 1.75 yds
*S2700 pants in dark taupe(?): 1.75 yds

Total: 13 yds

(( Geez louise! Apparently this was a Simplicity-Love month! Yowza! ))

Favorite item: doh! The floral dress and olive vest would tie. They both make me happy!!!

I stopped tracking my fabric in because...whatev. Lol!!!

I did pick up some lovelies this weekend and a few new patterns (I know, I know!). Today I will finish my pants and I should be able to get a second pair sewn and a top between the rest of today/tomorrow (I'm off work). 


  1. I cant wait to see your entries, I was feeling bad because I can't stop buying patterns. But I said as a newbie you need a good selection once I get more skilled I might start seeing a redundancy in patterns, and say nope dont need it I got one similar at home but I haven't gotten to that point yet lol.

    1. Yeah I'm just getting to be able to say oh that looks just like XYZ but with this tiny detail change. I love collecting fabric and patterns. LOVE! :)

  2. Can I follow your progress in the FM contest from the UK? Not sure what it is. Or what it involves. Obviously an elimination type contest, though.

    1. Aww. Thanks Anne!

      Yep you can. Each week on the FabricMart blog ( ) they will post the details of that weeks challenge. Then they will post our completed outfits with voting. And then the winner and the person being eliminated will be posted.

      I'll post a link here on the blog each week too when voting opens.

    2. Oh good! I wasn't sure how to follow you without getting involved with Fabric Mart.

      ~ Lead me not into temptation ~

  3. I am amazed at what a prolific sewist you are. More power to you!

    1. Thanks Tomasa! That's the 3rd time this weekend I've been called prolific! I might just blush.

  4. I love the floral dress, too. I am pondering that sort of fabric for next pair of jeans. And mucho good sewing fortune to you through the FM challenge! You're ready!


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