Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Simplicity Fest

I mentioned that I'd sewn the most possible Simplicity patterns...They are all patterns that I made before so no actual reviews.

**Disclaimer: No machines were hurt during production of this post! I finished the red pants and vest almost 2 weeks ago; they were just unblogged.

Simplicity 2153
This time I made the vest in a cotton poplin that I got from Fabric Mart. I'd originally bought this olive fabric for a shirt but it was pretty hefty and stiff. After washing, the fabric seemed to have "streaks" in it so a shirt was definitely out. Then I decided it'd be perfect for a vest! I initially planned on brass zipper and what not but then the red hit me so I went with it.


I wanted to use the other collar and pockets but didn't have enough fabric. So it's essentially the same as my black jacket but without sleeves, and the little loop on back.

Simplicity 1696
Right after I made the floral pair I cut the red pair. But then wasn't feeling the love. I think the RPL would've been better suited for more of a trouser style. I don't hate them but I realized it's been a long time with them sitting there, needing hemming. That's typically a little indicator that I am less than pleased. Today I decided to just grab pics so they STILL aren't hemmed and I rolled them up. 

They grew on me. I like them as part of a casual look. Maybe with my "fancy" raglan sweatshirt I made last year.

The red is so hard to photograph. Sheesh.

I used the rayon challis from my V1395 dress for the pocket bags.

This is seriously THE best fly zipper I've ever done!!! It came out perfectly

Simplicity 2700
The TNT pants pattern. 

I had this rayon/poly twill suiting from FabricMart and loved the color. These took me awhile and as I got closer to finishing I decided to add the red bias tape to the waist facing. I then decided they looked like Sock Monkey inspired pants!!! :) With the serger threads and the main fabric and the red...hahahaha! I love them.

The black fabric was picked up last weekend on my SR Harris excursion with The Sometimes Sewist. It's a cotton/lycra/something. I don't remember if the something was rayon or poly. They feel nice but the lycra made these sew up a little differently than the first pair.

On the black pair, I narrowed the legs 1" front and back and added 1/4" to the waist of both pieces (for 1" total). Well with the lycra in the black pair I didn't need the extra. However, the tan pair (which were made first), has 3/8" side seams from about mid-thigh to the waist). The tan pair got faux welts. The black pair got carriers and no welts.

I left off the pockets on both because I needed pants nowwwwww. I also changed them to flat front (instead of tabbed waist).  Both were blind hemmed by machine.

I have also started a non-Simplicity project! Hahaha!

**Butterick 6104 with cotton/wool blend suiting from FabricMart**

I hustled towards the end of my day off and got this cut. I am surprised at how quickly it's going together, because there are 300,000 seams. With the FabricMart contest starting up this week, it may be awhile before it's finished.

Apparently I am also having a red moment...


  1. Wow, wow, wow!! I love it all! The vest is gorgeous, and your dress pants are stellar. All the inside touches make them more special.

  2. You have been getting some sewing done.. Really nice pants.. and love the vest..Happy sewing.

  3. Everything looks great -- You've got your own version of Project Runway going on. Happy Sewing!!

    1. Thanks! :)

      Getting ready for this FM challenge! Haha!

  4. you are such a FAST seamster! i bet you already have all your fabric mart challenges done and they haven't even been sent to you yet because you live in a sewing time warped universe!

  5. Busy, busy lady! I have gotten 3 things cut out and one completed in the time that you've finished 4.

    Plus you've already used the SR Harris pant fabric! All of mine is still sitting in it's bag. :P

    Nakisha: the Sew Crafty Chemist Machine.

    1. hahaha! No! Only the pants were made this weekend! The vest and red pants were made like 10 whole days ago! :-p

      I had plans for grey pants but the black was calling me!

  6. I can't wait to see what your new red jacket will be. Will you give a hint and tell what the pattern is?
    Also, what is this fabric? Or is this a secret :)

    1. Not a secret! :)

      Butterick 6104 with a wool/cotton blend suiting from FabricMart (purchased last October/November)

  7. The pop of red really added to the vest. The pants are very nice and I liket he final pic. What type of fabric is that.

    1. Thanks!

      It's a wool/cotton suiting from FabricMart (almost 1 year old)

  8. Wow - you truly are amazing. I absolutely LOVE that olive jacket. Love it!

  9. You are too amazing! I have to try that pants pattern.

  10. Must be an army of fairies that help you, Mrs Smith! I love the poplin parka, and your TNTpants are fantastic. The red pants are going to be great fun to wear, especially when you need to wear a colour vitamin :)

    1. Thank you!!! :) I would totally share my sewing fairies if I had them! lol!

  11. The vest came out really cute! I must say the tnt pants are perfect! Whatever red moment you got going on stay with it! You got it going on over there!

  12. Just WOW!!! It's inspiring the output you continue to produce. I would hire you any day. Those red pants are the most interesting. Too bad they didn't turn out. I hope you get it to your satisfaction.

  13. Cute vest! That pop of color looks great! I love when I get fabric and think “Hmm that won’t go with what I thought” but then the perfect pattern comes to mind and brilliance happens :D
    The pants are cute too but I know how it feels when you get an image in your mind of how something is going to be and then that moment when you realize it isn't going to be just that……I postpone the hemming then too!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your TNT pants pattern. The fit is amazing!
    Your productivity should be bottled and sold... for real!


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