Friday, September 19, 2014

WIP: V8839 and Fabric Mart Fabricistas Challenge

I'm safe! I knew Ann would win and she deserved it! Read up here!  Did you guys catch that we both made eggplant dresses to wear for our anniversary?!

Unfortunately, Jess was "sent home". :-(  I'm going to miss her! If you could only see our inboxes! :) I still love her shirt and she's an amazing seamstress and you totally need to follow her if you don't already!

I'm starting to think someone got inside of my head and decided I had to compete in this contest! I'm not much for "interpreting" patterns; yet week 1 required just that! I've scared myself out of making a fitted, lined dress and of course, that's exactly what I did week 2! Week 3 is all about copying a RTW garment.

Cheese and Rice.

I've seen people talk about it...I've seen the painter's tape method, the stabby pin method, the silk organza method...I tried to trace a simple tshirt with CUT-ON sleeves once(!!) and got all 'blurgh, this is crazy' about it. So of course...

But I'm excited about this challenge because I knew right away what I wanted to make! Yay!!!

Look for the post on Tuesday with my 'make'!


Now, yes, I am a crazy person. I have so many things that I want to sew that I managed to work in between finishing my dress and getting the new challenge.

I'm working on Vogue 8839, a Marcy Tilton cardigan/jacket.

More firsts...I've never done any sort of color-blocking before!

I'm actually much closer to being finished with it; all of those pieces on the ironing board are attached to each other and to the jacket! :) But holy cow is it big. I knew that the pieces were boxy and the line drawing shows it's a straight side seam and it's big on the model...But I've got to take in the side seams some and shorten the sleeves (like 2 inches!). I am thinking that the large was too big and I should've chosen the medium.

I have 8000 things going on this weekend, again. So I shall be Ms. Crazy Sewing Lady, once again.


  1. Sad face Jess was cut (totally shouldn't have been!) Happy face you're still in! I bet you were one of the top ones this week. Loving the Marcy Tilton you're working on.

  2. Congratulations on making it through. You and Ann were the 2 standouts. I'll miss Jess as well. Good luck on the next challenge.

  3. Congrats on making it through to the next round. I'm bummed that Jess got sent home--I'm really surprised at that because I thought that her shirt fit her pretty well. Your cardigan/jacket is looking great, so far!

  4. I know, super sad face about Jess. I am going to email her in a bit, she's awesome! :)

    Umm "stabby pin" method. Is that the official term? LOL.

    Yeah, the only one of these challenges I have felt fine in so far was the second one, the fitted one, this one and the first week one COMPLETELY FREAK ME OUT. (Don't tell Julie!) ;)

    That jacket is so pretty! I want to see it done fully, eventually. You take your time!!!

  5. Yay, you are still in- so happy for you. I was totally shocked when I saw that Jess was cut. I did not get to vote this week, but will be back on it next week.

  6. Your dress rocked, so I am super glad you are still in! I am disappointed that Jess was sent home. I definitely didn't think it would be her. Best wishes on the next round of the competition. I want to join in every week as a reader, but I stink at making deadlines. Maybe I'll try this one out, it seems like fun.

    Your jacket looks nice! I like the color combination!

  7. "Cheese and rice." I now have a replacement for geez-o-peet. Thank you.

    I was going to say something else but lost it after cheese and rice. =)

  8. I couldn't believe Jess was sent home!! Her shirt fit well and looked good! I am excited to see what you come up with!

  9. GIRL... You totally amaze me, with your sewing abilities, and the amount you can sew in a week..
    Best wishes on the next garment, Can't wait to see what you do next..have fun.

  10. I'm under the bed with exhaustion just reading about your sewing antics....

    Good luck with next weel.

  11. you look so beautiful! That's a really great dress on you -
    Already loving the jacket (and a little jealous...)

  12. Aww, thanks darlin'. So glad that you get to go on sewin' with all of the other contestants. And thanks to everyone for the solidarity! :)

    I don't know how you find the time to make things in between these challenges, Nakisha. Are you a cyborg of sewfulness?

    I have a general disdain of Marcy Tilton's designs, but this one in particular caught my eye when it was released. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

  13. So happy for the purple anniversary ladies!

  14. I love that I discover patterns through you! This one is similar to a Waffle Patterns coat I've been ogling, yay. :) Congrats on being safe again, even if you didn't win you looked like a million bucks in your anniversary dress. Good luck on the RTW challenge!!!

  15. Yay for the next round! I'm excited to see what you will be copying. I'm also excited to see the finished cardigan/jacket there. Looks awesome!!

  16. Good luck next week! Your jacket is coming along so beautifully.

  17. Good Luck!!!! I love the colors in your jacket!!


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