Wednesday, March 5, 2014

As a New Burdaholic...

I think I am going to have to subscribe.

I bought the February 2014 issue. I bought the March 2014 issue. I frantically called GLP and ordered the April 2014 issue (if you call before it is issued you get on the 2nd class mailing list (it's not really called second class...) and get the mag for only $10 shipped! I've paid $10-$14 for the few issues I've purchased so this is good to know.

Thanks to P-an-da for always getting the images up right away. There are a ton (TON!) of things I want to sew from the April issue. 

This is so cute (yes the fabric is amazing, but it is an interesting top!!)

I don't like the stringy tie parts but what a fun summer dress

Asymmetric? Yes please

It's a jumpsuit but it rocks!!

I was looking for a high waist skirt for summer. Ta-da!

The detail...Oh gosh I want this!

Same jacket, different fabric/styling

Seriously. The jacket is everything

Ignoring the crazy contrast (For me at least), this jacket has great shaping

 Next, what I love but would probably look horrific on me:

I know I am probably too wide for tapered pleated pants but still...

It's boxy and cropped (DIDN'T I LEARN THAT LESSON ALREADY!?)

They seem to be low rise and the length would probably make my legs look like stumps.

It looks effortless to wear but will it make me look pregnant?

Cute but see pregnancy assumption.

The, "Uhmm, I'm not so sure Burda"

Kinda dowdy


Ok, the top looks fine but the line drawing is funny :)

Love these Plus size options

Swoon. Visual interest, a mock-wrap, lower neckline and gathering/ruching. SWOON!

I'll have her skirt too please!

This jacket is FABULOUS.

AND cute kid clothes!!


  1. Some really cute patterns...HAPPY sewing.

  2. These are nice. How long did it take for you to receive your magazines? I subscribed about two weeks ago.

    1. The issues that I have has all been purchased from individuals.

      I subscribed to the US edition (that comes out 4x per year) and they were starting to be mailed out as of last Thursday. So I hope it comes SOON! :)

  3. Wow is this the US edition? I love Burda mag too!!! I just hate the tracing. :( They have wonderful coats and jackets. I was looking for some interesting ones right before I began with burda mags and I must say I am please with the selections.

    1. Nope. This is the "regular" monthly edition.

      They DO have awesome jackets. I am thinking of using the trench from 11/2012 for L's sew along.

  4. The high-waisted skirt is my fave! Go for it!

  5. I agree this will be an awesome issue!

    1. I'd better get my tracing paper ready! :)


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