Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished Item: Burda 6933

The quest to make the pants for the boy began Monday night. 

Tuesday I got them to the point of basting the legs together for him to try on. 

Wednesday I sewed the revised seams, cut, basted the carriers and got the waistband sewed on. 

Tonight I finished them; stitched in the ditch, sewed the carriers in place, hemmed them and inserted a hook & eye. I tried explaining that there's a button on the inside waistband but he didn't want that. 

Dark lighting. Black pants. Eh. But you can see the slim fit on him. 

Good lighting!! :)

I Love. Love. Love the fly front in these! The pockets are nice too. He couldn't take his hands out of them. 

Less good lighting. 

I got a stupid shine spot. Dang it. I need to re-crease them too. But, I'm getting much, MUCH better at blind hemming!!

50/50 poly/wool blend from Hancock

General styling of the pants. 
The fly front. 
The carriers. 

They're basically stovepipes as drafted...The 36 has like a 13.75" leg opening. Sheesh. But it's my fault for not noticing that. Burda shows that on the envelope

No welts. I had no time for that.  
I added 1" to the length but only needed 1/2"
I didn't topstitch the waistband. 

"They look real!"

Uhh. Thanks son :-)


  1. I am so totally impressed with your sewing.. These pants are fantastic.. you did an awesome job...Proud your son liked them..
    Happy sewing.

  2. The pants look great! I love that your son is eager for you to sew for him and appreciative of your work--very sweet!

  3. Wow, great work on these! Even better that your son enjoys you sewing for him.

  4. Excellent job. The seal of approval from your son just underscores what a superb job you have done. I wonder if my teenage son would wear home made trousers.

  5. "They look real". They do!! They look great, and I love the stovepipe look.

  6. Oh boys! You tackled what I nervous to do...great job!


  7. Great looking pants! "They look real" is a compliment at our house. Th big deal is that they look good inside and outside. I think you you did a wonderful job. He will ask you for more now that he know you know how, maybe a dress shirt.

  8. Thanks all!! He wore them today and they look pretty good on him :) I am probably going to make him a dress shirt just because buying them is IMPOSSIBLE.

  9. HUGE compliment ("look real"). I think they look great. May have to try the pattern for my boy (who doesn't wear anything I would make).

  10. These are amazing!! You're a super sewing momma!! I remember doing a fly front years ago, and it was not the easiest thing to figure out, but you did that!

  11. "They look real" - priceless!! These look fantastic!

  12. Woww. they do look fantastic. That's quite a project to take on and accomplish!!

  13. Thank you ladies!! Well at least I know I can "sneak" things into his wardrobe if I were so inclined...Now I might make him some "real looking" hoodies so I don't have to pay $30 for them! :)

  14. Pretty much all I ever want in life is for the clothes I make to look "real" and I agree with your son on these pants! Fantastic job! And what a selfless mom to take time out of making clothes for herself (what we all really wish we were doing!) to make these for him :)


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