Monday, March 10, 2014

Shorts Muslins & Other Plans

M6403 - pleated fail.
M6403 - straight shorts looked like hacked off pants -aka- the thigh opening wasn't big enough.
McCall's 6403 Misses'/Women's Shorts and Pants In 2 Lengths Line Drawing

These just feel wrong. Too tight in front for the pleats to relax but too big at the hip and just unflattering at the butt. I do like the width of the thigh though.
 BSM 03/2012 #126 - Good. Pretty good...but not the pattern I want to use for several pair. I can see one or two in this style.
I think the Burda curve works for me. I had to add a very small (like 1/2") wedge at center back.
Thurlow - I debated sharing the pics because holy cow were they tight goes

Spare yourself and don't look too closely at the front pic!
I cut a size 10 because the finished measurements were 35" waist and 46" hip.  But shorts need to be bigger apparently. They aren't intended to sit at my waist like trousers and the hip/thigh needs more room/ease. I measured a pair of RTW shorts and realized they were indeed bigger. And I also, apparently need more booty room. So I traced off a size 12 and altered the back crotch curve.

I realized that this pattern had a much deeper curve than my S2700 pants pattern or my RTW shorts. So I 'raised' the curve  to be less vertical (more "J") which seemed counter-intuitive but by raising the curve I added more fabric therefore there's more available to cover the junk!


But I went too far because in the size 12, I had baggy butt. Ahhhh.

I have no more energy to muslin...but I have a thick cotton (drill??) fabric in my stash in a BRIGHT kelly green. The Burda's are in progress as a wearable muslin. I have enough to cut the Thurlow's from the same fabric.

I'd planned on making the Thurlow for the contest but it ends Saturday and I'm unsure I'll make that deadline.

Last night my son mentioned that he has an orchestra performance on Friday.
"Wash your shirt", I said.
"Ok. But I can't fit my pants", he said.


But then he asked if I can make pants for him and of course I said, YES!!

Burda 6933
This is from their latest release and is perfect for a twiggy 14 year old boy. And I had some 50/50 poly/wool (that I picked up for under $3/yd at Hancock) in the stash so I got to work!

This made me think about the awesome Kyle and her amazement at how much I sew. Which I don't think I sew a lot and I wish I could sew MORE!!! :-)

But last night was a perfect example of how things get done.
5:30 - got home
5:40 - went for a walk
--Because I live with people who are all bigger than me, I will not go to work everyday and do everything at home too. So while I went for a walk my daughter peeled potatoes for dinner and my husband cut them. My son started browning the ground turkey--
6:00 - started dinner (pants convo ensued)
-While cooking dinner I traced off the pants and cut out the paper pattern-
7:00-8:00 - eat dinner and do normal stuff like talking with goofy kids and playing ninja in the kitchen (yes, I know I said they were bigger than me...but we like to play kung-fu ninja)
8:00 - 8:30 - Cut out pants
8:30-9:30 - watch Breaking Bad on Netflix
9:30 - the husband decided to watch an episode of The Walking Dead.
9:30 - 10:15 - interfaced the pieces that needed interfacing, prepared the carriers and serged the cut edges of the pants.

So, yes, I am a busy body. I know! I just can't sit still! But I get a ton done in these little chunks of time.

Tonight I hope to get the zipper inserted and get them all basted so he can try them on.

**It's going to snow today. I still want my dang shorts!!!!


  1. Awww, thanks for saying I'm awesome! You are too!

    I still think you sew a lot! Lladybird also uses those chunks of time and gets a lot sewn as well. I have tried that method but can only sustain it for a little amt of time. I also think that by sewing every day, it probably makes you faster and better at it. And that you have a ton of energy!

    I'm working on a very intense work project that will be released 7/1 and I think I might be able to sew more after that.

    I will be at PR weekend Austin and I think I saw somewhere that you will be there too so we will get to meet! Yay!

    1. I am planning to be there! It would be so cool to meet up!

      Good luck on your project and gaining some sewing time! Also, I heart Lauren :)

  2. You do sew a lot! Every blog post you write is about the 3,028 things you sewed over the weekend. And your stuff looks great, too.

    Breaking Bad is the best thing in the history of everything. =)

    1. Hahaha!!!! You crack me up!

      Yessssss! Heisenberg!!!!

      A convo came up at work about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Nope. I could only envision Walter White! Lol!!!!

  3. really use your time wisely ..and accomplish so much. Your sewing is not only fast, but beautiful too..
    I have been sewing biblical costumes for a church in NH.. [26 of them]..So, I have not been able to do any "me sewing"..And I sure miss it..
    Can't wait to see your shorts.. Know they will be pretty..
    How sweet of you , to make your son some pants.. Have fun and happy sewing.

  4. You are my kind of sewist! Those little chunks make a lot of time. Of course, I don't sew much at night, I wait till the kids leave for school and I become a sewing maniac. I'm smiling at the thought of your son asking you to sew for him. Some don't understand that they will want you to sew if you show them that you can do it well.

    1. Yessss! Sewing maniac sounds 'bout right ;)

      He "accuses" me of "hacking" the clothes I sew!

  5. LOL! your evening is hilarious!
    Amazing that you manage to sew in between everything...
    Good for you!

  6. Thats how I do my sewing as well, Nakisha - five minutes here, 5 there. It gets things done :)

  7. You kick butt at time management!!!!

  8. Wow, thank for sharing your schedule. I'm having a hard time fitting sewing into my busy schedule. But I definitely think that doing a little bit everyday can get you a long way.
    You're such a great sewist! I love your blog.

    1. Why thank you! I'm glad to have found your blog. I get super giddy when I find a new sewer to follow!


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