Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where Are They Now?

I have made M6844 4 times.
Blue peplum
Off White

I've worn the peplum once. It's too big and requires a belt to look decent. 

I wear the black one to death. It is  a ponte from Fabric Mart and is wearing VERY well. I can't count the number of times it's been washed and dried already.

I wear the taupe one a lot too. It is pilling. Pilling like crazy!! At the sleeve hems, on the band and under the arm (more understandable). (also FM ponte)

I never wear the cream one. Ever. This makes me sad because I love the color. However, it is on it's way to my mom. It just never feels right when I put it on.

Also on it's way to my mom is the McCall's 6886 knit dress. I do not hate the dress, at all...just don't love the fabric on me. She will like it though.

**Also, the black one is the only one where I interfaced the collar. Dare I say I prefer the interfaced collar!!! I complained about the collar needing interfacing the first time I sewed it. Shhhhh! :)

I made 2 pair of S2700 at the same time; I have yet to wear the brown ones. It is a simple fix but I slack. They were hemmed too short. The pattern calls for a 1 1/4" hem (giving a 30" finished inseam). My legs (and arms) are slightly long for my 5'5" height and I need to add an inch to pants/sleeves. I added an inch and then took a 2" hem on these. ALL I need to do is let out the hem and redo.

The plaid pair? OMG I wear them at least twice a week. Love them. HOWEVER, my hand sewing needs work. The hooks have come undone (both of them) but the waistband isn't even tight.

Also, the fabric was labeled dry clean only by FM. When I bought it, I cut a 6"x6" swatch and washed and dried it. No shrinkage, no texture change so they get washed and do just fine.

The turquoise Burda top I don't wear it often. I love this fabric but it would've been more suitable -not- for a top. It is thick and therefore hot. Shoot.

Both of the Sew Simple tops (green and taupe) are in heavy rotation. But boy oh boy do they wrinkle!! Who wants to iron knits? Not I! I am considering another one in ITY, hopefully that one is wrinkle free.

The green one has popped hem stitches :( (Cmon coverstitch!!). I am going to get some of that knit tape Kathy mentioned and try that with my twin needle.

The crazy drapey Burda mag top is awesome. I wear it a lot already!! I reach for that and Simplicity 2255 first on weekends :)

The fabric I used for the S2255 top I bought in a 5.5 yard cut from FabricMart for $1.99. I bought it to make PJs for my dad and to have "a little" left over. I made his pjs and that top and still have a good 1.5-1.75 yards. The fabric washes up so well. I'm wondering what I should make with the rest of it!

Aaaaaaand. The evil, sinister Butterick 5927 jacket. I SEARCH for reasons to put this jacket on (the fact that it is collarless affects which shirts I can wear with it). Maybe because it was my first lined one? I don't know. But for all the pain it caused, I like wearing it - a lot! :) And I'm glad I invested (TONS) in the pongee lining from FM. I really like how smooth and soft it is. It isn't shiny and doesn't feel like some polyesters can feel. I have a rainbow of colors now!

There are other things that I have yet to wear. And earlier wardrobe items that are still absolute faves (2013 wrap up).

Sneak Peek:

I'd forgotten that I applied to test this dress pattern and then I was chosen - yay me! I can't reveal it yet but I can say that the fabric was in stash; part of a FabricMart grab bag I got last summer. More details later but I allowed my creativity to flow a bit with it and I am digging it!


  1. Gotta say: I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one who makes stuff and then doesn't wear it! But my reason is different: I never wear my favorite stuff because I'm afraid I'll mess it up! Have I ever messed anything up? NO! I guess it's me that's messed up!

    You are a sneaky lady - can't wait to see what this is! Love how you used the border print.

  2. you have me really curious.... can't wait to see what pattern your making.. Looks beautiful.
    I loved looking at all your wears and not wears.. I have lots of stuff that gets worn to death, and some that sits in the closet ,until they had to the good will bin.ha
    Happy sewing.

  3. Nice post!! My goal is to sew clothes I enjoy wearing, but I am finding there are a lot of variables to this.

  4. What a great post! I felt like I wear the same ones over and over, usually the knits coz I hate having to iron stuff to wear (eventho I religiously iron at all the necessary steps of sewing!!! LOL)... Now that I'm friends with my serger, maybe I will be sewing more and faster (time permitted) and so I can have more in rotation and not ruin the favorites? We'll see!

    That secret project of yours looking good...

  5. I think my mom, sister, and niece all benefit when I sew clothes that I don't end up wearing. And of course, it always makes me happy when I sew a winner!

  6. Your sneak peek looks awesome!

  7. Great post. I love how you used the border print. Can't wait for the reveal!

  8. Looking forward to seeing your final dress! It looks great from the preview shots.

    I enjoyed reading about what gets worn and what doesn't. I struggle with that myself. I know that in the past, I've had a problem with making orphan garments (where the fabric color or print grabs me, but it doesn't really go with anything else), and I'm trying to be better about that, but I still sometimes end up with garments that I like, but don't really wear for whatever reason.

  9. Thanks all!!! I have that dress on my dress form and I currently smile at it every time I walk by :-D

    Some things I haven't work because I have no occasion to wear them. That's the thing I have to watch. Sewing things that I *want* but that do not fit in anywhere... Or seeing some pattern made up e.v.er.y.w.h.e.r.e and then I HAVE to have it but...when/where will I wear it?


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